Recent updates to Google Drive added notification controls to the mobile apps and easier management of shared items. Its latest Android update, simplifies the cluttered file and folder menu, adds the ability to see deleted files on mobile, and more avatars.

The new file and folder menu is more consistent with other Android UI conventions in that it slides up (like the Share menu) rather than open up a full screen panel. The pop-up shows actions as a list rather than as a grid of icons. However, the small image preview of a file has been removed.

The Shared With Me view now shows more information than just the file name, type, and dated shared. The file type icon has been shrunk and moved to the bottom right corner of the sharer’s avatar photo. Additionally, their username is also listed along with the information.

Lastly, users can now see files and folders they have deleted on mobile. Previously, users would have to go to the desktop app to see a list of trashed files and take action on them. Now, users can restore a deleted file or permanently get rid of it on mobile. The updated Drive app should be rolling out within the week.

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