Since its launch in 2013, Chromecast has been a hit success for Google and its attempt to capture the media streaming market. Starting today, developers will get access to analytics about their Cast applications.

In the past, developers needed to build and integrate their own analytics solutions to gain insight on how many people use their apps. Now, developers will be able to see data like the number of devices that use their Google Cast app, the amount of streaming sessions, and the average playback length for each session.

There is now a view statistics button under every application listed in the Google Cast Developer Console, as well as tabs for devices, sessions, and average playback. Under each tab there is an interactive graph and table, and the data can be viewed from daily to monthly time ranges. Tables break down what operating system initiated a cast and what country a device is in. Additionally, developers will be able to click into each country and platform to see more detailed information.

Recently, we told you that Google is reportedly working with manufacturers to add Google Cast functionality directly into TVs. That’s probably down the line, but for now Google hopes that these new analytics features will give developers a better insight into how their apps are used and allow them to see the impact of improvements they implement.

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