Google Cast Stories November 17, 2022

JBL Google Assistant speakers updated with new Cast firmware that fixes Speaker Groups

At the start of this year, Google made a handful of changes to Speaker Groups following the US ITC ruling in favor of Sonos. Google Assistant speakers made by JBL are finally getting updated with new Cast firmware that fixes the experience of using Speaker Groups.

Google Cast Stories October 17, 2022

It seems Google is finally set to bring Chromecast devices a bit closer to Android itself. With Android 13, Google appears to be preparing support for Chromecast devices to be a native part of the system audio switcher.

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Google Cast Stories May 25, 2022

Google’s Cast standard has been around for quite some time and, at this point, it’s not uncommon for someone to own a hefty handful of compatible speakers and displays. To help surface the device you might be looking for, Google appears to be testing “Suggested” Cast devices.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect new details from Google.

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Google Cast Stories August 6, 2020

Last week, Google quietly introduced “Cast Connect” to make Casting on Android TV more native with support for remote controls and other app features. The company officially announced it today and detailed partner support, as well as providing a brief demo.

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Google Cast Stories August 5, 2020

Google is rumored to be working on a Nest-branded streaming dongle and a bigger redesign of Android TV. The OS today added cinematic teasers, but last week quietly announced a bigger “Cast Connect” feature that will improve the Casting experience. 

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Google Cast Stories July 17, 2018

Chromecast Ambient Mode gets revamped Google Home settings, low-bandwidth option

Last week, the latest version of Google Home rolled out with a rename of Backdrops to Ambient Mode. Besides the new branding, the Chromecast screensaver now features redesigned in-app settings and more customization options.

Google Cast Stories December 14, 2017

In early December, Google and Amazon’s product dispute escalated resulting in the removal of YouTube from the Echo Show, but more importantly Fire TV. Today, the online retailer appears to be acquiescing to Google’s complaints over the lack of Chromecast devices on sale.

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Google Cast Stories June 15, 2017

Philips’ 4K UHDTVs w/ HDR, built-in Chromecast & Google Assistant support, available now


Originally announced at CES this year, the new Philips 4K TVs are set to launch starting today. The new sets feature support for Chromecast and Google Home technology, as well as High Dynamic Range and voice command support. Head below for more details.

Google Cast Stories May 23, 2017

Love it or hate it, when you use Google Cast to cast content to your big screen, a notification usually pops up on every Android device on the network. While this is great because it allows you to quickly pause, mute, or stop the media from playing, it also allows troublesome roommates and significant others to mess with you. Now, Google is allowing you to turn these notifications off.

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Google Cast Stories April 25, 2017

VIZIO is no stranger to the world of Google Cast, with the company offering multiple speakers and TVs with the functionality built-in. Now, VIZIO is back at it with a new soundbar that offers up Chromecast built-in for an affordable price, along with Google Assistant compatibility.

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Google Cast Stories April 24, 2017

The 2017 Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best set-top boxes you can buy, especially for 4K content. It’s one of the only Android TV devices to stream Amazon Video in 4K, and it pushes 4K HDR content without skipping a beat. Now, Nvidia has announced that its streaming box supports 4K content from Google Play Movies.

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For a long time now, people on your local WiFi network have been able to mess with your Chromecast session, and it’s all thanks a shared Cast notification feature that started showing up for users last year. This has resulted in plenty of hijinks where users have had their cast sessions annoyingly messed with in certain situations, like when inviting guests over for parties.

Now, it seems Google is aware of this annoyance and is taking some baby steps to help…

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Google Cast Stories February 28, 2017


Vizio has today announced a new lineup of SmartCast E-Series TVs, all including Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) functionality. The highlights of this collection are the absolutely massive 4K HDR options, but there’s something here for everyone who’s interested…

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Google Cast Stories November 23, 2016


Early this year Google rebranded the Chromecast app to Google Cast, a new name to better suit the ecosystem of devices compatible with the technology. At the time it made sense, keeping Google’s physical and unique Chromecast family separate from the speakers and TVs which also packed the technology. Now Google is going back on that.

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Google Cast Stories November 7, 2016


If you’re using Google’s latest software, Android 7.1, you may have noticed that Google removed the button to check for new system updates. However, that button is coming back with the latest update to Google Play Services.

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Google Cast Stories October 24, 2016


As expected, Google has today begun rolling out an update to its Google Cast app, appropriately renamed simply “Home”. The update includes a minor visual refresh and reorganization, and quietly adds the backbone for enabling Chromecast Ultra, the actual Google Home hardware, and support for controlling all of these Cast devices via Google Assistant…

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Google Cast Stories September 30, 2016

Google Home

Remember the Chromecast? Yes, of course you do. Google’s highly successful $35 dongle has been a hit among consumers, but its virtues may expand far beyond that. According to an exclusive Variety report, in fact, it may well have proved to be a proper Trojan horse for Google, who’s now seeking partners’ attention to build yet more appliances around its technology…

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Chromecast Preview Google Home

We are less than a week away from Google’s event on October 4 and it looks like the company has already started preparing its current products for things to come. A Reddit user noticed the mentioning of a ‘Google Home app’ while reconnecting their Chromecast to Wi-Fi after updating to the latest firmware available through the Chromecast Preview Program.

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Google Cast Stories September 13, 2016


Lately, Google has been more often letting its customers beta test different software features before they roll out to the masses. Now, according to a new Chromecast support post, Google will soon let anyone enroll their Chromecast into a “Preview Program” for access to early and unreleased features… expand full story

Google Cast Stories September 7, 2016


Today Vizio has announced a new selection of home speakers with integrated Google Cast, the SmartCast Crave 360 and the SmartCast Crave Pro. These new speakers are designed as potential competition to Sonos (and others), offering multi-room functionality and more…

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Google Cast Stories July 1, 2016


Soon, the Google Cast extension will do nothing but add an extra button to your Chrome toolbar. Beginning with Chrome 51, Google Cast is built directly into the desktop browser and Chrome OS. And in addition to no longer requiring a separate extension for casting, Google is also adding the ability to mirror a Chrome tab directly into Google Hangouts with version 52…

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Google Cast Stories June 16, 2016


Google Photos is arguably one of the best photo services available today, however one feature it’s been missing since launch is the ability to play a slideshow. Whether you missed it or not, the feature is now finally here.

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Google Cast Stories June 1, 2016

Upcoming update will turn the Google Fiber TV Box into a Chromecast

Those lucky enough to live in a city with Google Fiber will soon receive an update that essentially turns their current TV Box into a Chromecast. As the TV Box is already hooked up to a television, users will be able to stream music, video, and apps without making changes to their current setup.

Google Cast Stories May 27, 2016


Back in March, Chromecast was renamed to Google Cast and Vizio announced the first Cast-enabled televisions. Philips just announced four new sets as part of the 6000 series Google Cast Ultra HDTV. Like recent affordable Android TV showings from RCA, these models start at $649.

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Google Cast Stories March 22, 2016


To reflect the recent expansion of its Google Cast streaming platform, Google’s Chromecast app is being renamed to the “Google Cast” app. Google is also announcing some new Google Cast-enabled speakers and TVs from Vizio.  expand full story

Google Cast Stories March 4, 2016

Google Cast developers can now view detailed analytics for their apps

Since its launch in 2013, Chromecast has been a hit success for Google and its attempt to capture the media streaming market. Starting today, developers will get access to analytics about their Cast applications.

Google Cast Stories January 6, 2016


Android’s showing at CES has diminished when compared to earlier years, but Google is making it up with many companies announcing Google Cast and Android TV devices. The former is a cheap alternative to Sonos and the latter is becoming the defacto OS for TV makers who don’t want to deal with software.

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Google Cast Stories December 15, 2015


LG has unveiled a new range of audio products for both home entertainment and for parties. As Google fans, it’s the home entertainment range we’re most interested in, and that’s because the company’s new sound bar systems include baked-in support for Google Cast. The SH8, SH7 and SH6 sound bars will be shown off in more depth at CES next month, and come with a boatload of wireless connectivity options…

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Google Cast Stories September 30, 2015


During the announcement of Google’s Chromecast Audio yesterday, the company made sure to mention that music subscription leader Spotify will soon be one of the many music streaming services supported by the platform. With many Apple Music subscriptions renewing (or not renewing) and Google unveiling a $35 dongle that retrofits our existing home speakers with Wi-Fi, some are rightfully wondering: What about Apple Music?

According to statements from one Googler (via TrustedReviews), Google has no bar on any platform joining in on supporting Chromecast, and the Mountain View company has already directly asked Apple to play along… expand full story

Google Cast Stories September 8, 2015

Rdio adds support for Google Cast for audio, more connected speaker systems & smart TVs

Popular music streaming service Rdio is today announcing an expansion of its support for connected speaker systems and smart TVs, including Google’s new Google Cast for Audio platform introduced earlier this year. 

In addition to supporting speakers that integrate Google’s Cast for audio platform, the music service is now available on Harman/Kardon, Denon, and the DTS Play-Fi Whole-Home Wireless ecosystem featuring leading brands such as Definitive Technology, Phorus, Polk Audio and Wren. The company also noted that it’s now available on Samsung smart TVs and arriving soon on smart TVs from LG and Hisense.

Previously Rdio was only available on Sonos speakers and setup boxes like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Rdio is available free with ads or as an ad-free service for $9.99/month unlimited or on certain devices for $3.99/month with a limited number of on demand songs per day.

Google Cast Stories July 21, 2015


Apple and Google products don’t always play together nicely, but when they do, it’s normally because a third party has created an application or two to get them talking to each other. That’s exactly what Reflector 2 for Mac does (among many other things). If you’ve been wondering how you can get content from your Android smartphone or tablet mirrored or streamed to your Mac (and Windows PC, if you’re into that kinda thing), this is one really easy way.

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Google Cast Stories June 22, 2015


After first introducing new 4K TVs using Android TV back in April, Sony today announced its new X900C model is now available for pre-order. expand full story

Google Cast Stories May 29, 2015


Google’s Chromecast dongle for pushing digital content from ones phone, tablet, or laptop to a TV screen isn’t exactly a high-end device – the full retail price is $35, and it’s on sale constantly – but its unexpected to many been a huge success for the company. Over 17 million of the dongles have been sold, the Cast button has been pushed over 1.5 billion times, and Google says Chromecast users consume 66% more content per day than when the device launch in 2013. To push the network of Cast buttons and supported content even further, Google has released some new APIs for developers to build richer experiences.

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Google Cast Stories April 20, 2015

Sony Electronics Ultra HD TVSony today has taken the wraps off of a handful of new products that will play nicely with Android devices. First off, the company has announced that its 4k Ultra HD televisions with support for Android TV and Google Cast will begin shipping in May. The TVs feature Sony’s X1 processor which lends itself to improved color, brightness, and upscaling. The TVs also feature the X-Reality PRO Picture Engine, which also contributes to improving those factors.

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Google Cast Stories January 5, 2015

Google today announced Google Cast for audio, which the company says takes advantage of Chromecast tech to send audio to third-party hardware like speakers, A/V receivers, and sound bars. The feature will allow users to tap a “cast” button from within music and radio apps on Android, iOS and the web to stream audio to Google Cast enabled speakers. expand full story

Google Cast Stories July 9, 2014

Chromecast updated with full support for closed captions on Android, Chrome and iOS


Google has released an update for the Google Cast SDK, bringing full closed caption support to Chromecast on Android, Chrome and iOS devices. A new version of the Media Player Library (0.8.0) is also available. Moreover, the receiver SDK, the default receiver and the styled media receiver now also have closed caption support.

A detailed list of changes are outlined in the official release notes.

Google Cast Stories February 21, 2014

Google releases public beta version of Google Cast Chrome extension

After making the Google Cast SDK public and launching a dedicated forum for Chromecast, Google has announced a public beta version of the Google Cast extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

The Google Cast extension allows users to beam content from a Chrome tab on their desktop to a Chromecast or other devices that support he Google Cast standard. Like Google’s beta versions of Chrome and other apps, the public beta release will provide devs and anyone else that downloads it to the latest features and APIs.

More info on the new beta is available from Google Developer Advocate Shawn Shen on Google+.

Google Cast Stories November 27, 2013


Google’s support for Chromecast is still fairly limited even as the promise of more apps continues to be on the horizon. Thankfully, the apps that do support Chromecast are some of the most notable and widely used across the web: YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, and as of the last week, HBO Go.

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