In addition to releasing the first developer build of Android N earlier today, Google has also released Android Studio 2.1 Preview. It’s available in the canary channel for developers now and supports the Android N developer preview released this morning.

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Other than support for Android N, Android Studio 2.1 is a relatively minor update of 2.0. It includes changes to support Java 8, as well as the new Java compiler. It also improves support for the latest Android Emulator 2.0 beta.

Android Studio 2.1 (canary channel) is a minor update to Android Studio 2.0 (beta channel) that includes changes to improve support for Java 8 and the new Jack compiler. To use Java 8 language features when developing with the Android N Preview, you currently need to use the Jack compiler provided with Android Studio 2.1. An updated New Project wizard also generates the correct configuration for projects targeting the Android N Preview.

There are a handful of bugs with Android Studio 2.1, but that’s too be expected as it is in the canary channel. You can read more on Google’s Android Tools Project Site.

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