Android Studio Stories October 25

Android Studio is getting a brand-new logo

Google hosted the Android Developer Summit this week to unveil the latest tools for Android app developers and, quietly, the company also unveiled a new logo for Android Studio.

Android Studio Stories May 11

At its core, Google I/O has always been a developer-focused event. Here are the biggest announcements that Google made during the I/O developer keynote and beyond.

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Android Studio Stories March 23

Google is beginning a project that would elevate Android Studio from app development to a full suite for Android OS development by OEMs and ROM developers.

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Android Studio Stories October 27, 2021

Google has made Android 12L available for developers — and everyone else — to test out and see how well their apps can run on a large device, but not how you might expect. Here’s how to try a version of Android 12L on your own Chromebook.

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Android Studio Stories July 28, 2021

The latest version of Android Studio, codenamed Arctic Fox, is now out of beta and includes the ability to easily pair Wear OS emulators, as well as a variety of new tools for Jetpack Compose.

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Android Studio Stories October 12, 2020

Android Studio 4.1 now available w/ Database Inspector, integrated emulator, more

Google has released an update to Android Studio version 4.1, bringing a new Database Inspector tool, some improvements to Material Design, and a more deeply integrated Android Emulator.

Android Studio Stories July 28, 2020

Google’s Motion Editor helps Android developers build smoother animations

Good, smooth animations can make an app or operating system feel polished and just overall more pleasant to use. In an effort to help developers build those animations, Google has added a Motion Editor in Android Studio.

Android Studio Stories May 28, 2020

In a normal year, Google I/O would traditionally mark the release of a new version of Android Studio. While there hasn’t been a Google I/O event this year, the Android team has still seen fit to release Android Studio 4.0 today, complete with new Android app design tools.

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Android Studio Stories January 22, 2020

At its October hardware event last fall, Microsoft made quite a splash with the Android-powered Surface Duo. Slated to launch holiday 2020, the Windows team today released a preview SDK with an emulator and other documentation.

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Android Studio Stories October 23, 2019

For Android developers who like to keep up with the latest features, there are two major events hosted by Google that are not to be missed — Google I/O and the Android Dev Summit. Today being the latter event, Google has brought Android Studio 4.0 to the Android Dev Summit with an early developer preview of Jetpack Compose.

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Android Studio Stories August 20, 2019

Android Studio is the main gateway to Android app development, for better or worse, but it’s not known for being particularly fast, or for necessarily working well on lower-end computers. For Android Studio 3.5, Google dedicated eight months to working almost exclusively on bug fixes and performance improvements, with Chrome OS support being one of the only new features.

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Android Studio Stories June 11, 2019

Android Studio will drop support for 32-bit systems following this year

Google has today announced that Android Studio will be dropping support for 32-bit PCs starting in 2020 as it pushes to the more efficient 64-bit processing that’s gone mainstream over the years.

Android Studio Stories May 3, 2019

For the past 5 months, we’ve been watching as Google slowly brought support for their Fuchsia OS to the Android Emulator, which would make the OS accessible to developers who don’t have Pixelbooks. A pair of indie developers have managed to piece together some of Google’s work-in-progress efforts to demonstrate Fuchsia running directly in the Android Emulator.

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Android Studio Stories December 5, 2018

With yesterday’s Flutter Live event and the stable release of Flutter, one of the primary ways to create Fuchsia apps, Google is one step closer to possibly unveiling their in-development operating system. Another unexpected step is coming, in the form of the official Android Emulator from Android Studio gaining the ability to boot Fuchsia’s Zircon kernel.

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Android Studio Stories September 20, 2018

Android development has long only been possible on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. That changed with the release of Chrome OS 69 and Linux app support. Here’s how you can start developing Android apps from Android Studio on Chrome OS.

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Android Studio Stories May 8, 2018

During the I/O 2018 Developer Keynote, Google announced a successor to the APK format that will bring wild new features and improvements to the Android ecosystem.

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Android Studio Stories March 15, 2018

Today, Google officially announced that it would be renaming Android Wear to Wear OS by Google, “a wearables operating system for everyone.” With this change, we see Google seemingly separating the product from the Android name and making it appear more universal.

Do you think Google will be renaming any other products to remove the Android namesake?

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Android Studio Stories May 17, 2017

In a post on the Android Developers Blog, Google today announced the release of Android Studio 3.0. The company explained that Android Studio 3.0 includes three major features…

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Android Studio Stories April 21, 2017

Latest Android Studio Canary offers Android Wear developers a digital crown emulator

Android Studio, a Google-built tool for developers to use when making Android applications, is focused on making it easy for developers to quickly visualize their apps in action. To further improve the Android Wear developer experience, Google is introducing a new tool that emulates the rotating digital crown found on some smartwatches…

Android Studio Stories April 7, 2016


At its inaugural Android Developer Summit in November, Google announced a new version of its app development IDE that features a new emulator, ‘Instant Run’, and more for developers. After several previews, Android Studio 2.0 has finally been released to the stable channel.

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Android Studio Stories March 9, 2016

Google releases Android Studio 2.1 preview with support for Android N

In addition to releasing the first developer build of Android N earlier today, Google has also released Android Studio 2.1 Preview. It’s available in the canary channel for developers now and supports the Android N developer preview released this morning.

Android Studio Stories February 5, 2016

PSA: Android Studio 2.0 enters beta channel as it nears release

Announced at the Android Dev Summit in November, Android Studio 2.0 is nearing final release. The IDE’s marquee feature is known as “Instant Run” and has been in preview since then. In anticipation of its final release, developers can download a beta version of the app now.

Android Studio Stories January 14, 2016

PSA: Android Studio 2.0 Preview 5 is now out

Google has been moving fast on iterating its IDE for developing Android apps. Announced two months ago, Android Studio 2.0 is on its fifth preview that makes further refinements to its marquee ‘Instant Run’ feature and fixes other bugs.

Android Studio Stories November 23, 2015

The first Android Dev Summit is happening now, and you can tune in here [Livestream]

The inaugural Android Dev Summit kicked off earlier today, and Google has conveniently provided a livestream for developers that might want to tune in. You can find schedules for day 1 and day 2 below, as well as the YouTube streams embedded for your convenience.

Day 1:

9:05am Keynote 9:45am Android Application Architecture 11:00am Notification Best Practices 11:45am Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe 1:30pm RecyclerView Animations and Behind the Scenes 2:15pm Support Library: Guts and Glory 3:30pm “”Mother, may I?”” Asking for Permissions 4:15pm Framework Fireside Chat

Day 2:

9:00am What’s new in Android Studio 9:45am Data Binding — write apps faster 11:00am The Android Build System 11:45am Android Testing 1:30pm Android Studio for Experts 3:30pm Developing for Android: The Naughty Bits 4:15pm Android Tools and Testing Fireside Chat: 5:00pm Closing Notes

Android Dev Summit, Day 1 Live Stream - YouTube 2015-11-23 11-25-52

Google has today launched Android Studio 2.0, the first major update to the company’s IDE since it saw its original stable release in December of last year. Among other features, Android Studio 2.0 brings a revamped Android emulator, a new “Instant Run” feature, and more… expand full story

Android Studio Stories November 19, 2015

PSA: Android Studio 1.5 now available in the stable channel

Last week we told you that Android Studio 1.5 became available in the beta release channel, and now Google has announced that it’s being pushed out to everyone. This release is “focused on delivering more stability,” Google says. Most of the upgrades here are under the hood.

Here’s a rundown of some of the bug fixes in this version:

  • You can now use short names when code-completing custom views
  • New memory profiler feature: detect some of the most known causes of leaked activities
  • Several new lint checks

You can check for updates within the app, or head over to the Android Studio site to grab a fresh version if you need it. Android Studio comes with the Studio IDE, the SDK tools, and the Android 6.0 platform and emulator.

Android Studio Stories November 10, 2015

PSA: Android Studio 1.5 is now available in beta

If you’re a developer and you use Android Studio in any capacity, you might be happy to hear that Google has today launched Android Studio 1.5 in beta. Google says that the beta release isn’t that much different than Preview 2 (except a few bug fixes, of course), and it’s worth mentioning that Preview 2 wasn’t all that different than Preview 1.

You can update your current 1.4 installation to 1.5 beta by using the built-in patch mechanism, Google says, but you may not want to do that as it will completely replace your stable installation with a potentially less-reliable beta version. If you download from the Preview 2 page, you can keep 1.4 and 1.5 installed side by side — which might be best option regardless.

Android Studio Stories October 1, 2015

PSA: Stable release of Android Studio 1.4 now available

Google has today released Android Studio 1.4 in the stable update channel. As has been the case since the software was first released in beta just about a month ago, the update features new design tools such as vector assets, a theme editor, new project template features, new performance monitors, and more…

Some of the new design tools, as outlined at the Android Developers blog:

Vector Assets:

Starting with API 21, you can use Vector Drawables for image assets. For most apps, using VectorDrawables decreases the amount of density dependent drawables you need to maintain, and will also give you sharp image assets regardless of the screen device densities your app supports.

Theme Editor:

We understand that managing your app theme and style can be a bit complex. With Android Studio 1.4, we are releasing a preview of the Theme Editor to help with this task. This first version of the Theme Editor is focused on editing and updating the material theme colors (colors.xml) in your app project.

Project Templates:

We know many of you use the New Project Wizard app templates to start a new app project or to quickly add an activity to an existing app. To help with the visual design of your apps, we updated the app templates to include the Android Design Support Library alongside the AppCompat Support library.

There are also two new monitors: You’ll find one for GPU rendering and another for networking, which can monitor both GPU rending performance and the network usage of your app, respectively. Finally, Google says that it’s making taking advantage of a Firebase mobile backend even easier with the latest version.


You can grab Android Studio at the Google Developer website, and if you already have it installed, you’ll find that version 1.4 should be available right now.

Android Studio Stories August 25, 2015

Okay, this probably isn’t going to drastically change the lives of either casual users of Android or developers on the platform, but I still found it to be cool. There’s a new Chrome app on the block called Vysor, and it offers a super simple way to view and control an Android device from a desktop computer.

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Android Studio Stories May 1, 2015

PSA: Stable release of Android Studio 1.2 now available

Google has now released Android Studio 1.2 in the stable update channel. As has been the case since the software was first released in beta just about a month ago, the update features a distraction-free mode, inline debugger variables, simultaneous tag editing, better formatting, and more.

Version 1.2 updates Android Studio to IntelliJ 14.1.1, which means (compared to version 1.1) version 1.2 of the environment picks up all of the IntelliJ 14 and 14.1 features, including:
  • a new debugger which shows variable values inline in the editor, can decompile libraries you don’t have source code for, and can generate a list of objects referring to a selected object
  • distraction free mode
  • simultaneous tag editing (where you can edit open and closing tags simultaneously)
  • editor enhancements like multiple selections, smart backspace indent, and automatic indentation detection for the current file
  • new and improved refactoring operations
  • annotation inference, scratch files, improved Gradle support, improved diff view, high-density monitor support, and many more features
  • See for more details.

You can grab Android Studio at the Google Developer website, and if you already have it installed, you’ll find that version 1.2 should be available right now.

Android Studio Stories December 11, 2014

PSA: Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK includes 20 new code samples

Lollipop is Android’s biggest overhaul yet, and that can be a little overwhelming for developers. Fortunately, Google has let us know today that it added 20 new code samples to the SDK sample repository. Having access to code samples allows developers to see best practices for implementing new features that are found in the latest Android SDK.

Android Studio Stories December 8, 2014

Android Studio 1.0

Google on Monday released Android Studio 1.0, the first stable version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building and managing apps. The tool, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, was under development for the past two years and is intended to replace Eclipse as the official Android IDE for developers. expand full story

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