Android Studio Stories October 12, 2020

Android Studio 4.1 now available w/ Database Inspector, integrated emulator, more

Google has released an update to Android Studio version 4.1, bringing a new Database Inspector tool, some improvements to Material Design, and a more deeply integrated Android Emulator.

Android Studio Stories July 28, 2020

Google’s Motion Editor helps Android developers build smoother animations

Good, smooth animations can make an app or operating system feel polished and just overall more pleasant to use. In an effort to help developers build those animations, Google has added a Motion Editor in Android Studio.

Android Studio Stories May 28, 2020

In a normal year, Google I/O would traditionally mark the release of a new version of Android Studio. While there hasn’t been a Google I/O event this year, the Android team has still seen fit to release Android Studio 4.0 today, complete with new Android app design tools.

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Android Studio Stories January 22, 2020

At its October hardware event last fall, Microsoft made quite a splash with the Android-powered Surface Duo. Slated to launch holiday 2020, the Windows team today released a preview SDK with an emulator and other documentation.

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Android Studio Stories October 23, 2019

For Android developers who like to keep up with the latest features, there are two major events hosted by Google that are not to be missed — Google I/O and the Android Dev Summit. Today being the latter event, Google has brought Android Studio 4.0 to the Android Dev Summit with an early developer preview of Jetpack Compose.

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Android Studio Stories August 20, 2019

Android Studio is the main gateway to Android app development, for better or worse, but it’s not known for being particularly fast, or for necessarily working well on lower-end computers. For Android Studio 3.5, Google dedicated eight months to working almost exclusively on bug fixes and performance improvements, with Chrome OS support being one of the only new features.

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