OnePlus has decided to wade in to the world of software, and today announced a brand new app aimed at making photo organization and editing much easier for its smartphone customers. The “no-nonsense” app is equipped with only the tools OnePlus thinks are most necessary, or most likely to be used by OnePlus owners.

Like a number of popular photo/gallery apps, the OnePlus Gallery app organizes photos automatically in to moments and categories. What’s more, it offers simple editing tools for cropping, rotating or touching up your photos. You even get the option to draw (or scribble) on your photos using the drawing tool.

This is a no-nonsense app, meaning you won’t find any nonessential frills or intrusive ads here. It’s perfect for everyday browsing, editing and organizing. The gallery was optimized for offline usage, so you don’t need to connect every time you feel like taking a trip down memory lane in your gallery.

Organizing can be a bore – the OnePlus Gallery takes care of all your organizational needs by generating collections automatically for pictures from different sources. You can spend every minute in our app with your photos.

Gallery by OnePlus landed on the Play Store today, it’s a free download and is compatible with any OnePlus 2 running OxygenOS v2.2.1, which recently got pushed to users.

It’s worth remembering that particular update included support for RAW photo files, giving OP2 owners the option to capture and save much more detailed images. Arguably, this is the perfect timing for OnePlus to launch a photo organizing and editing app.

Sadly, the app isn’t compatible with any other Android smartphone, or any other OnePlus phone (or software version) for that matter, but that will change eventually. OnePlus will announce further compatibility with other devices in the near-ish future.

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