We’ve done a lot of coverage on the Honor 5X that Huawei launched in the United States earlier this year. Now, the phone is coming to Canada under a different name: Huawei GR5…

With the Nexus 6P as one notable exception, Huawei has practically no presence under that brand name in the United States (the company’s recent P9 flagship is a good example, which isn’t coming to the states). It does, however, offer a variety of devices in Canada. Now, that lineup is expanding with a device that is almost physically identical to the Honor 5X.

Huawei GR5 is the combination of having the best value accompanied with the latest technology. It features a simple and elegant aluminum alloy body design, 5.5-inch FHD screen, large battery for more power, and a 13MP rear camera with 5MP front camera (88º wide angle lens). Comparable to the more premium smartphones, Huawei GR5 uses an octa-core processor, has a fingerprint sensor and improved perfection on photography.

The phone, which is sold off-contract in the states for $200, can be found at Rogers for free with a two-year contract. We had many good things to say about the phone, but even more good things to say after we installed CyanogenMod.

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