Especially geared towards pictures taken by a regular camera that did not have the correct time zone set, the latest Google Photos web update adds a very useful feature that allows users to easily adjust the date and time of multiple images…

Previously, users could only edit the date and time of each photo individually. Users are now able to select multiple photos and press the “Edit date & time” button located in the overflow menu. When selecting multiple pictures, users will be asked if they want to shift or set one date and time.

The former will keep the relative time differences of images and let users change the time zone and date. A preview panel allows users see how the new times will reorder photos compared to the entire photo library before saving. The latter option sets photos to have an approximate morning, afternoon, or evening time.

Overall, the interface is very straightforward and double checks to make sure you have everything right before saving. Hopefully, this feature will come to Google Photos on Android and iOS. The mobile apps currently do not let users make any changes to photos metadata.

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