Cyanogen Inc has been hard at work over the past couple of years working an its alternative version of Android for OEMs, but it seems that can only take the company so far. We’ve seen a few devices here and there that offer the software, most notably the OnePlus One, however even with help from Microsoft, Cyanogen has never been very successful in its endeavors and today it’s clear that the company is suffering the consequences…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

According to reports from both Android Police and ReCode, Cyanogen Inc is currently undergoing major layoffs to its staff, allegedly conducted by Steve Kondik, co-founder of the company. Currently the company employs 136 people, but if these reports turn out to be true, 20% of that workforce, about 30 people, will be let go very soon.

As seen below, one well-known employee Dave Kover has apparently already been canned. Android Police further reports that the company’s office in Lisborn and India are being “essentially gutted” with heavy cuts also affecting its offices in Palo Alto and Seattle. The reports also claims that these layoffs are being performed with no advance notice and employees that were keeping their jobs were told not to come to work today. For those who were losing their jobs, an appointment with the HR department was automatically scheduled and were later laid off.

Other sources say that the company is also preparing to undergo a major shift in the strategy relating to its applications. No details on what this would involve have been provided however.

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