Cyanogen Stories March 21, 2017

The Nintendo Switch debuted earlier this month to incredible success. Looking back a year or so, there were rumors floating around that Nintendo was planning to build the device on top of Android, but obviously, those never came to fruition. Now, though, a Cyanogen chairman has revealed that Nintendo was indeed looking to build with Android, and apparently wanted Cyanogen to help out…

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Cyanogen Stories December 24, 2016

We’ve been hearing about the failures of Cyanogen for a few months now, but today that has all culminated with the company announcing that it will be shutting down all of its services in just a few days.

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Cyanogen Stories October 10, 2016

A few months ago, following layoffs at the company, we heard that Cyanogen would be pivoting to apps, but CEO Kirk McMaster quickly shot those rumors down, at least for the time being. Today the company has just made a major new announcement, replacing its CEO and moving away from “full-stack” development…

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Cyanogen Stories July 26, 2016

After reports came out last week suggesting major layoffs had happened at Cyanogen Inc, the company’s CEO has come out to clear up a bit of the confusion as to what the future holds for the company. In those original reports it was revealed that the company was laying off a large portions of its staff and allegedly pivoting the company’s focus towards applications. As it turns out, that’s not true…

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Cyanogen Stories July 22, 2016

Cyanogen Inc has been hard at work over the past couple of years working an its alternative version of Android for OEMs, but it seems that can only take the company so far. We’ve seen a few devices here and there that offer the software, most notably the OnePlus One, however even with help from Microsoft, Cyanogen has never been very successful in its endeavors and today it’s clear that the company is suffering the consequences…

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Cyanogen Stories March 30, 2016

According to a report this morning out of The Information, AT&T is in talks with Cyanogen to launch a phone running a version of Android made by the company, purportedly on ZTE hardware. This is notably the first time that a US carrier has considered selling a phone running the less-Google-controlled version of Android that powers phones like the Yu Yutopia and the WileyFox Swift…

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