The Drive web app has received a slight revamp this morning that brings it in line with the Material Design of current Google sites. Additionally, Drive on the web is getting better downloads support, especially for large files and Google Forms.

The most noticeable difference is the slightly larger, frosted search bar. Tapping it still allows users to sort files by type and a drop down on the right reveals in-line controls for more advanced search tools. The “New” button that allows users to make a new document or folder is now blue and a part of the action bar. Additionally, selected icons in the left sidebar are now also highlighted in blue.

Functionality-wise, Drive better handles downloading files and folders from the web. Previously, folders larger than 2GB could not be downloaded. Improvements to the Drive download and archiving service now compresses and splits downloads into multiple 2GB files.

There is also an improved naming structure for downloads, as well as the inclusion of empty folders. Additionally, downloads for Google Forms are better handled.

Drive’s design revamp appears to be live for most users, while the new download features will be rolled out in the next three days.

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