When looking for directions in Google Maps, Uber and other local taxi services show up as alternate forms of transportation. Google is now adding two new partners to the US, including major competitor Lyft and smaller ride service Gett.

The ride service tab appears beside the public transportation, biking, and other options when searching for directions in the Android or iOS app. Fare estimates and pick up times from multiple ride services are listed and tapping an option will take you directly to the corresponding app to book a ride.

Various types of services offered by each partner, including Lyft Line or Uber Pool, are also listed. Google now has nine ride sharing partners in over 60 countries following today’s additions. Lyft ride options will soon begin appearing across the US, while Gett will show cars available in New York City.

Google is rumored to be launching its only ride sharing service through Waze. After extensive testing in Israel, the service is reportedly coming to the San Francisco Bay Area this fall. In light of this and work on self-driving cars, Google and Uber’s relationship is growing increasingly contentious. Just last week, Alphabet legal chief David Drummond resigned from Uber’s board of directors over a conflict of interest.

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