Social media is an important aspect of the lives of many people, and for the most part, we look at and make posts from our smartphones. The same goes for looking at online content.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

With Google Assistant, Google wants to make our phones smarter for the things we use them for, so social media is a natural integration. As users are getting their hands in the Pixel, they’re also finding more tricks that are hidden beneath the surface.

Yesterday Google+ user Corey Stock pointed out a Google Assistant feature which he discovered on his Pixel.

If you have an article open on your device with Google Assistant, this one, for example, you can say “OK Google, share this on Twitter,” and the title and link to the article will be transcripted for a new tweet. This also works on Google+. However, we haven’t been able to get this to work on any other services (such as Facebook, Gmail, or messaging apps like Hangouts or Allo).

Little things like this are what are proving to make Assistant a powerful tool, even if it is still in its infancy. As more people get their hands on Assistant, we can only expect more cool tricks like this to come out. Have you found any?

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