Chrome OS is great for getting simple tasks done, but sometimes users have to turn to apps to get even some basic things done that, well, you would expect any OS to be able to handle.

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In my own personal use of a Chromebook, I find myself doing simple photo tasks like cropping or adjusting colors, both of which I can do from the native photo editor which is attached to the file app. However, one feature that this editor has always lacked is the ability to resize photos. We’ve been hearing for a while now that Google has been working on adding this feature, but now our friends over at Chrome Unboxed have found that feature active in the Chrome OS beta channel.

In Chrome OS v55, currently running in the beta channel, the built-in photo editor has the ability to resize images both with the image ratio locked or unlocked. It’s a simple change, but it’s one that adds a bit more power to Chrome OS as an actual OS.


You can check out this functionality by upgrading to the beta channel through Chrome OS’ settings. To do that, head to Chrome settings, click on “About Chrome OS” toward the top of the display, hit “more info,” and “change channel.” From there select beta, give the Chromebook a few minutes to download the update, restart, and you’re good to go. Once the functionality hits stable, you can downgrade with the same process (although a reset will be required). Do keep in mind, though, that Chrome OS v55 will hit the stable channel by the end of this year.

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