While most people suffice with the free 15GB of storage that each Google Account provides, many others do pay for more. Starting in January for existing subscribers and already live for new purchases, Google Drive will be using Google Play to process subscription payments.

In an email sent out to current subscribers, Google notes the minor change is meant to improve your experience. For Android users, the move will be much more convenient and consolidate all monthly app subscriptions into one screen, while others will just have a new page to visit.

At the moment, Drive subscriptions are managed in the Google storage page. Starting in January, Drive’s will be available on the Google Play account page. On Android, that is accessible by going to the Play Store > Account (located in the navigation drawer) > Subscriptions. Alternately, it is also available on the web.

Google notes that this move will not change the price, amount of storage, or access to your files. For the most part, users will not need to do anything while the migration is made.

Until it is complete, management can still be handled through the Google storage page. Subscribers signing up for Google Drive today will automatically be taken to a Google Play pop-up to complete the payment.


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