Cloud-backed and featuring smart tools, Google Classroom is the company’s take on modern educational technology. Used by 20 million students and teachers, Classroom is getting a number of updates today that add support for personalized learning, more notifications, and an improved API for developers.

Speaking to the trend towards more personalized education, Classroom now allows teachers to more easily assign individualized work to students and groups. By default, the dropdown when creating an assignment, post, or question selects the entire class. Unselecting it now allows teachers to pick specific students to assign work to.

In addition to existing ones, new notifications for teachers can now specify when late work is submitted and when assignments are re-submitted.

Other changes are aimed at providing more data and statistics to school administrators.  Specifically, metrics on overall Classroom usage and post creation will be included in the Admin Console Reports. Google notes that new report types will be added in the future.

Like other products, Classroom features an API to allow third-party developers to make apps. New capabilities to the Classroom API will allow integrated applications to have more access, including adding materials to coursework or student submissions and modifying existing coursework they’ve created.

These features are now live in the web interface and respective mobile apps.

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