Google Classroom Stories April 1

Amid distance learning, many educators have turned to using Google Forms for tests, quizzes, and other assignments. Google is soon adding the ability for Forms to automatically save draft progress in case users can’t complete in one sitting.

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Google Classroom Stories February 17

As more and more students use Google Classroom, the portal is adding an offline mode on Android for those with limited internet connectivity. There are also a number of other improvements to the mobile apps and management experience.

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Google Classroom Stories January 21

With COVID-19 still affecting the world, many schools are using tools like Google Classroom to help with the process of turning in assignments while learning from home. Tonight, however, many students are unable to turn in their assignments as Google Classroom is experiencing an outage.

Update: Google Classroom is now back online.

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Google Classroom Stories August 11, 2020

Google Classroom adding to-do view, link invites, more languages

Google Classroom is a homepage for students and teachers alike that brings together assignments, discussions, and instructions. It’s now adding a to-do widget, link-based invites to simplify the joining process, and “enhanced” originality reports.

Google Classroom Stories June 29, 2020

Google Classroom achieves 100 million downloads, boosted by COVID-19 pandemic

As normal classroom learning has been curtailed as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, Google Classroom has seen a surge of downloads on the Google Play Store.

Google Classroom Stories April 13, 2020

Many things are changing as COVID-19 affects people all over the globe and that includes education. Schools were among the first places to shut down in areas such as the United States and, as a result, Google Classroom has exploded in popularity around the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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