Google Classroom Stories August 1

To make Classroom even more of a centralized hub, Google is officially launching support for add-ons that bring in third-party education tools. 

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Google Classroom Stories June 7

As the current school year winds down, Google is getting ready for the next one with a number of education updates across Classroom, Workspace, and Chromebooks, like the Screencast app and Cast moderator on Google TV.

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Google Classroom Stories March 16

Google wants to leverage AI to help kids get a more “personal learning experience.” In the coming months, Google Classroom is getting a “practice sets” feature that surfaces assistance and other suggestions as students do the work.

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Google Classroom Stories November 16, 2021

Google Classroom for Android gets offline mode, multi-page scanner, more

Announced at the start of 2021, Google Classroom now supports offline assignment editing and an improved camera scanning tool for students using the Android app.

Google Classroom Stories June 22, 2021

Google for Education today hosted The Anywhere School 2021 to reveal the latest capabilities for teachers and students. Updates include PIN login for Chromebooks and Classroom add-ons, as well as Google Meet.

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Google Classroom Stories April 1, 2021

Amid distance learning, many educators have turned to using Google Forms for tests, quizzes, and other assignments. Google is soon adding the ability for Forms to automatically save draft progress in case users can’t complete in one sitting.

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Google Classroom Stories February 17, 2021

As more and more students use Google Classroom, the portal is adding an offline mode on Android for those with limited internet connectivity. There are also a number of other improvements to the mobile apps and management experience.

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Google Classroom Stories January 21, 2021

With COVID-19 still affecting the world, many schools are using tools like Google Classroom to help with the process of turning in assignments while learning from home. Tonight, however, many students are unable to turn in their assignments as Google Classroom is experiencing an outage.

Update: Google Classroom is now back online.

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Google Classroom Stories August 11, 2020

Google Classroom adding to-do view, link invites, more languages

Google Classroom is a homepage for students and teachers alike that brings together assignments, discussions, and instructions. It’s now adding a to-do widget, link-based invites to simplify the joining process, and “enhanced” originality reports.

Google Classroom Stories June 29, 2020

Google Classroom achieves 100 million downloads, boosted by COVID-19 pandemic

As normal classroom learning has been curtailed as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, Google Classroom has seen a surge of downloads on the Google Play Store.

Google Classroom Stories April 13, 2020

Many things are changing as COVID-19 affects people all over the globe and that includes education. Schools were among the first places to shut down in areas such as the United States and, as a result, Google Classroom has exploded in popularity around the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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Google Classroom Stories April 9, 2020

Google Classroom adds Meet integration as premium video features extended, usage soars

Distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many to tools like Google Classroom and Meet. Google today provided new usage figures for the two products, detailed a new Meet-Classroom integration, and extended how long premium features will be available for free.

Google Classroom Stories March 28, 2020

With schools out in many locations around the United States, teachers and parents alike are looking for alternative ways to keep students occupied. Now, the coronavirus pandemic has boosted Google Classroom to 50 million downloads on Android and to the #1 education app on both Android and iOS.

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Google Classroom Stories August 14, 2019

With Course Kit, students and teachers can use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with existing school software. Ahead of the new semester, the service is now called Google Assignments, with Google also introducing Originality Reports.

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Google Classroom Stories June 19, 2019

Ahead of next week’s ISTE 2019, Google for Education announced a slew of G Suite updates for schools. Classroom is adding grading rubrics and SIS syncing, while locked mode Quizzes on Chromebooks are launching this August.

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Google Classroom Stories January 22, 2019

Kicking off tomorrow is BETT, an annual conference and show for education. Several companies have already announced the latest Chrome OS devices for the market, with Google today sharing the latest usage stats for its education services.

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Google Classroom Stories January 9, 2019

Alongside Chromebooks and related management tools, Google Classroom is one of the company’s entries into the education field. In time for the new school semester, Google Classroom is getting revamped with the Google Material Theme. expand full story

Google Classroom Stories November 28, 2018

Google Classroom now available for enterprise G Suite accounts

Google Classroom is a part of the company’s education offerings alongside Chromebooks and associated management tools. This service for issuing assignments, quizzes, and managing students is now available for all G Suite customers as an “additional service.”

Google Classroom Stories August 7, 2018

With the new school year almost underway, Google is launching a number of education features across its products. Many were announced earlier this year and are coming out of beta, including a big revamp to Google Classroom, formating updates for Google Docs, and a suite of new AR/VR features.

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Google Classroom Stories June 25, 2018

Google Classroom gains new ‘Classwork’ view, Stream redesign, locked Chromebook quizzes

To coincide with the annual ISTE education conference this week, Google has announced a number of new features coming to Classroom. The class management service for teachers and students alike is adding several new features and redesigns later this year.

Google Classroom Stories April 27, 2017

Personal Google accounts can now create classes in Google Classroom

Last month, Google opened up its classroom management software and allowed non-G Suite for Education accounts to join classes. Classroom is now fully available to the public, with personal accounts able to also create and manage classes.

Google Classroom Stories January 11, 2017

Google Classroom updated w/ individualized assignments, more notifications, & improved API

Cloud-backed and featuring smart tools, Google Classroom is the company’s take on modern educational technology. Used by 20 million students and teachers, Classroom is getting a number of updates today that add support for personalized learning, more notifications, and an improved API for developers.

Google Classroom Stories August 17, 2016


Google has made huge inroads into the education market thanks to Chromebooks and Apps with features specifically aimed at schools. In time for the new year, Google Classroom is getting a bunch of new features, like annotations and email summaries for parents. Additionally, Expeditions has more virtual field trips and Forms finally supports adding images.

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Google Classroom Stories August 24, 2015

Back to school season is in full swing and Google is using it as an opportunity to release a bunch of new features and changes for those of its products geared towards educators. Google Classroom has been updated with question-driven discussions, reusable posts, calendar integration, and more. expand full story

Google Classroom Stories May 6, 2015

Google Classroom mobile app update lets teachers grade assignments on the go

Google has announced today, in the midst of teacher appreciation week in the US, that it is bringing some new “Classroom treats” to its mobile app. Most notable among the changes is the ability to grade assignments from the app (as you can see above), and the ability to “add private feedback to give students guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism or personalized feedback.”

Other features are also being added, including the ability to create and edit assignments while on a mobile device, as well as the ability to create an assignment simply with the snap of a photo. Google says that teachers can learn more about how to use these features at its new Support page, which outlines how to create and modify an assignment within the app:

You can create an assignment in your class stream, attach materials to it, assign it to one or more classes, and grade and return it to students. After you create an assignment, all students in the class receive a notification by email (if they haven’t turned off notifications) and can see the assignment in the class stream.

These features should be rolling out “this week,” according to Google.

Google Classroom Stories April 21, 2015


Google has today announced several updates to Google Classroom, including the ability to add more than one teacher to a Classroom class, and new automatically-saving drafts for class announcements and assignments… expand full story

Google Classroom Stories January 14, 2015


Google announced today that it’s releasing mobile apps for its Google Classroom service for both Android and iOS devices. The company officially launched Classroom to its Apps for Education customers in the US during the summer offering them a web-based platform for planning lessons, handing out assignments, and working alongside students. Teachers and students will now be able to access those features from mobile devices through the new apps and Google is also adding a could of new features to the platform.

In addition to a new teacher assignments page and archiving functions for Classroom, Google notes that the mobile apps will let users snap a photo to share or attach to assignments, share content from other apps, and access content cached for offline viewing. expand full story

Google Classroom Stories October 14, 2014


Google just announced some enhancements and new features rolling out to its Google Classroom service today including much improved controls for teachers. Google Classroom, a platform for teachers to plan lessons, assignments, and work alongside students in real-time, was announced earlier this year and first opened to all Apps for Education users in August. expand full story

Google Classroom Stories August 12, 2014

After announcing a preview of “Google Classroom” back in May, today Google has opened up the tool for educators to all Google Apps for Education users. Classroom offers teachers a slick platform to plan lessons, assignments, and work alongside students, and today Google also announced some new features its implemented on advice from educators that have been previewing the software. Google is adding new collaboration tools that allow teachers to work with students while they work on assignments: expand full story

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