Google Classroom Stories August 14, 2019

With Course Kit, students and teachers can use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with existing school software. Ahead of the new semester, the service is now called Google Assignments, with Google also introducing Originality Reports.

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Google Classroom Stories June 19, 2019

Ahead of next week’s ISTE 2019, Google for Education announced a slew of G Suite updates for schools. Classroom is adding grading rubrics and SIS syncing, while locked mode Quizzes on Chromebooks are launching this August.

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Google Classroom Stories January 22, 2019

Kicking off tomorrow is BETT, an annual conference and show for education. Several companies have already announced the latest Chrome OS devices for the market, with Google today sharing the latest usage stats for its education services.

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Google Classroom Stories January 9, 2019

Alongside Chromebooks and related management tools, Google Classroom is one of the company’s entries into the education field. In time for the new school semester, Google Classroom is getting revamped with the Google Material Theme. expand full story

Google Classroom Stories November 28, 2018

Google Classroom now available for enterprise G Suite accounts

Google Classroom is a part of the company’s education offerings alongside Chromebooks and associated management tools. This service for issuing assignments, quizzes, and managing students is now available for all G Suite customers as an “additional service.”

Google Classroom Stories August 7, 2018

With the new school year almost underway, Google is launching a number of education features across its products. Many were announced earlier this year and are coming out of beta, including a big revamp to Google Classroom, formating updates for Google Docs, and a suite of new AR/VR features.

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