One of the big areas of focus in Android Wear 2.0 is allowing the watch to run independent of a connected smartphone, especially when connected to LTE. That’s a big departure from the approach of former versions of the OS, which only tried to extend the reach of your smartphone to the wrist. Now, apps are being updated to reflect the new focus of the OS, and that includes Pulse Messenger.

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Pulse Messenger is an SMS client for Android that was designed by the team behind other popular Android apps, such as the Talon Twitter client. Along with being a fully-featured and highly customizable SMS client, Pulse Messenger also features full cloud sync across devices and platforms. Simply sign in with your phone number and you can both send and receive SMS messages across your phone, tablet, and computer.

With its Android Wear 2.0 app, Pulse Messenger supports that same functionality, but on your wrist. Simply open the app on your watch, verify the connection on your computer, and all your messages will sync. You can view your conversations in full, links and photos included, as well as replying to/sending messages with voice, emoji, or keyboard. Klinker Apps even teases “way more planned for the future.”

Along with the Android Wear app, Pulse 2.0 also includes improved spacing on individual messages and improved message grouping. Pulse is available for download on the Play Store for free, but requires a subscription for message sync.

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