Samsung will definitely have to impress with the Galaxy Note 8 if it’s to recover from all of its Note 7 recalls and bad press from the incident, and our latest hint comes from a new SamMobile report that claims the company has codenamed the in-development device “Great”…

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The codename certainly gives us some high-expectations despite not yet having any solid details on specs or anything particularly special planned for the device.

The report adds that Note 8 will use model number SM-N950F, which follows previous models only skipping the number 4, as is tradition for Koreans.

Samsung previously confirmed that it would indeed go ahead with a Galaxy Note 8, a move that some speculated would be in question following having to recall its Note 7 for faulty (and often exploding) batteries. Samsung even has hopes that it can retain some of its Note 7 users despite the recalls, back in October announcing that it would offer some customers the option to trade up to a Note 8 for half price.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 8 codename, the report today claims that Samsung appears to have plans for a refurbished Note 7 that will presumably repurpose many of the phones and or components that were recalled or pulled from sale. That device, which the reports says currently features model number SM-N935 (Grace R (Refurbished), would be for the South Korea market.

The last we heard, Samsung was preparing to launch the Note 8 sometime in the second half of this year. It will first, however, introduce its new flagship Galaxy S8 later this month with a launch in various markets in the weeks following.

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