As Google prepares to ditch the traditional consumer version of Hangouts, it’s pushing its new messaging platforms, Allo and Duo, for consumer use. Now, Duo is expanding its reach to Truecaller users by directly integrating into the app.

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Truecaller, if you weren’t aware, started as an app to identify and filter out unwanted phone calls and messages, but has since made moves to become another messaging platform. Now, in a move to help compete with¬†Whatsapp, Truecaller has added two big features.

The first is the aforementioned Google Duo integration. This simply adds a shortcut to call a contact from the Truecaller application but directs the call through Google Duo. That’s a big step forward for the app as it can now handle calls, SMS, and video calls.

Along with that, Truecaller is also adding support for payments sent directly within the app. This is available in India only and is powered by ICICI bank, although it will be available to anyone with a bank in India.

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