Today’s update of the Google beta sees the app receive a notable version bump from 6.x to 7.x. Interestingly, version 7.0 adds references to a new device known as “Bisto” and other strings about multi-user enrollment, as well as possible new shortcut icons.

New ‘Bisto’ device type

Of particular interest in this version are references to a new device type named “Bisto.” It appears alongside Android TV, Google Home, Pixel, Phone, and Android Wear. Notably, these five devices either already have Google Assistant or are scheduled to get it later this year, as in the case of Android TV.

Bisto likely has something to do with a portable audio device, with one string noting the ability to have notifications “read aloud inside your headphones.” There is also a preference for enabling “Spoken notifications.”

It’s unclear what new device this codename is referring to, but one possibility is Project Aura. Early last year, it was rumored that in addition to a Glass successor, Google was also working on a solitary audio-based wearable.

Multi-user enrollment

With multi-user support soon coming to Home, the Google app now features several strings of its own related to the feature, as well as an enrollment process.

New shortcuts

The current shortcuts found on the homepage of the Google app mostly highlight small apps built into Search. Based on new images, future shortcuts might be more personalized and feature information that Assistant already knows about you.


To join the beta channel, sign-up via the Play Store.

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