Google’s latest A.I. Experiment is not only a fun and clever tech demo, but it also makes for a useful drawing tool. AutoDraw leverages machine learning to replace your scribbles with illustrations from talented artists in order to quickly draw something.

Google — noting that there aren’t many solutions for quickly making a graphic on-the-go — imagines people using AutoDraw to make flyers, invites, and other works.

Entirely web-based, machine learning is used to recognize what you’ve doodled, with AutoDraw then suggesting related stock images that have been created by professional artists. Given the doodling nature, it works best on tablets, but performance is also great on phones.

Users start on a blank canvas and tools are located on the left-hand side. AutoDraw is the default mode with sketch replacements showing up at the top of the screen. Tapping one automatically replaces your drawing, with users having the ability to resize and move around the page.

The web app also features a regular free-handed drawing mode, as well as the ability to add text and other generic shapes. Users can choose between 24 colors with a convenient fill tool. Other settings including changing the canvas size/orientation and the ability to download as a PNG file.

While just an experiment, AutoDraw is genuinely useful. Hopefully, it will be integrated into something like Google Keep or even Drive’s current Drawings tool.


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