Machine learning Stories September 5, 2019

Machine learning inherently requires large amounts of data to work and draw patterns. In recent years, there has a been a push to ensure the information used remains private. Google today announced an open source differential privacy library that its own products use.

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Machine learning Stories March 6, 2019

Google brings differential privacy to third-party ML developers using TensorFlow

Ahead of the 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit, Google is announcing a new way for third-party developers to adopt differential privacy when training machine learning models. TensorFlow Privacy is designed to be easy to implement for developers already using the popular open-source ML library.

Machine learning Stories February 26, 2019

At Cloud Next 2019 last July, Google announced grammar suggestions for Google Docs in early beta. Google is today rolling out the web feature to paid G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise customers.

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Machine learning Stories February 25, 2019

For the past three years, Google and Verily have leveraged machine learning to screen for the two leading causes of preventable blindness in adults. In India, this algorithm is now being used in a clinical setting, while the European Union has certified it as a medical device.

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Machine learning Stories January 10, 2019

Google employees last year organized in protest against a machine learning project with the U.S. military to analyze drone footage. Googlers were successful in halting Project Maven and the company created AI Principles to govern future products. Those 4,000 anonymous Googlers have today been named the 2018 Arms Control Persons of the Year.

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Machine learning Stories December 17, 2018

Play Store’s machine learning based anti-spam system removes millions of reviews per week

The Play Store has a problem with spam, there’s no way around it. With causes ranging from apps that borderline beg users for reviews and companies that pay for fake reviews, it’s obvious something needed to be done. This year, Google has acknowledged all the spam and finally has begun to do something about it by creating a machine-learning-powered anti-spam system to remove fake reviews from the Play Store.

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