Machine learning Stories September 5, 2019

Machine learning inherently requires large amounts of data to work and draw patterns. In recent years, there has a been a push to ensure the information used remains private. Google today announced an open source differential privacy library that its own products use.

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Machine learning Stories March 6, 2019

Google brings differential privacy to third-party ML developers using TensorFlow

Ahead of the 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit, Google is announcing a new way for third-party developers to adopt differential privacy when training machine learning models. TensorFlow Privacy is designed to be easy to implement for developers already using the popular open-source ML library.

Machine learning Stories February 26, 2019

At Cloud Next 2019 last July, Google announced grammar suggestions for Google Docs in early beta. Google is today rolling out the web feature to paid G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise customers.

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Machine learning Stories February 25, 2019

For the past three years, Google and Verily have leveraged machine learning to screen for the two leading causes of preventable blindness in adults. In India, this algorithm is now being used in a clinical setting, while the European Union has certified it as a medical device.

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Machine learning Stories January 10, 2019

Google employees last year organized in protest against a machine learning project with the U.S. military to analyze drone footage. Googlers were successful in halting Project Maven and the company created AI Principles to govern future products. Those 4,000 anonymous Googlers have today been named the 2018 Arms Control Persons of the Year.

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Machine learning Stories December 17, 2018

Play Store’s machine learning based anti-spam system removes millions of reviews per week

The Play Store has a problem with spam, there’s no way around it. With causes ranging from apps that borderline beg users for reviews and companies that pay for fake reviews, it’s obvious something needed to be done. This year, Google has acknowledged all the spam and finally has begun to do something about it by creating a machine-learning-powered anti-spam system to remove fake reviews from the Play Store.

Machine learning Stories October 16, 2018

With the Machine Learning Crash Course earlier this year, Google published its internal boot camp to expose AI to everyone. The company is now partnering with colleges across the U.S. to teach machine learning to students that have already taken computer and data science courses.

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Machine learning Stories May 14, 2018

Since news emerged in March that Google was working with the U.S. military to use machine learning to analyze drone footage, some employees have been debating and protesting the decision. Many Googlers have expressed discontent through a petition, while others are now beginning to quit over the matter.

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Machine learning Stories May 7, 2018

Federated learning is not a new concept in the tech industry with Google exploring it for Gboard last year. However, ahead of I/O, the company has published a new video that provides a good recap of its benefits, possibly suggesting a broader push at tomorrow’s keynote.

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Machine learning Stories April 30, 2018

Following last week’s Q1 2018 earnings, Alphabet has published its annual Founders’ Letter. Penned this year by Sergey Brin, it traditionally serves as an update on current progress and charts the company’s future. In 2017, machine learning is unsurprisingly the overarching narrative.

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Machine learning Stories April 16, 2018

Machine learning has the potential to fuel major technological developments in countless fields, with Alphabet’s X division already investigating agriculture and food production usage. A team inside Google is now using it for cancer research and detection with a prototype microscope.

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Machine learning Stories April 13, 2018

One particular advancement driven by machine learning is the ability for computers to understand natural language, with Google showcasing these improvements with Smart Reply. Its Research division has been exploring other applications and today releasing two fun and interesting demos.

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Machine learning Stories April 12, 2018

News emerged last month of a Google partnership with the U.S. military on machine learning to analyze drone footage. This set off a fierce internal debate among employees, but it appears that the company is continuing with plans to win lucrative contracts.

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Machine learning Stories April 4, 2018

Shortly after word broke that Google was working with the Department of Defense on open-source software to help analyze drone footage, employees began forwarding along a petition internally asking Sundar Pichai to end participation in the project. Additionally, the letter asks that Google bans all future “warfare technology.”

Do you think Google should avoid working with the military or providing open-source software for the government?

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Last month, a report revealed that Google was partnering with the Department of Defense on machine learning to analyze drone footage. This project caused an uproar within the company, with Googlers circulating a letter asking Sundar Pichai to drop the project and ban future “warfare technology.”

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Machine learning Stories March 27, 2018

The next moonshot for Alphabet’s X division might be in agriculture as it investigates how to apply artificial intelligence to food production. While in its early days, Astro Teller revealed that the research division is also interested how drones and robotics could be leveraged.

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Machine learning Stories March 6, 2018

Google is not only applying machine learning across its products, but also encouraging other developers to adopt it in third-party services and other use cases. It has now emerged that one of the latter examples is for drones from the U.S. government.

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Machine learning Stories December 14, 2017

Machine learning is increasingly being leveraged in a variety of consumer products and other research. The latest use sees Google apply AI to planet hunting and in the process discovering two previously overlooked exoplanets.

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Machine learning Stories December 12, 2017

Bolstering its status as an AI first company, Google has opened machine learning research labs around the world in recent years. The latest is the Google AI China Center headquartered in Beijing.

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Machine learning Stories November 14, 2017

One of the many announcements from I/O 2017 was TensorFlow Lite for machine learning on mobile devices. Starting today, the Android and iOS optimized version of the ML library is now available as a developer preview.

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Machine learning Stories October 6, 2017

Google Clips was one of the only genuine surprise announcements from Google’s October 4th event earlier this week. Designed to unobtrusively capture moments, it has a strong focus on privacy thanks to on-device machine learning. This cloud-free processing is in part thanks to a chip that Intel’s Movidius group calls a “vision processing unit.”

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Machine learning Stories July 26, 2017

Google launches new accelerator program for artificial intelligence, machine learning startups

After launching an artificial intelligence-focused venture capital fund earlier this month, Google is today announcing a new program that helps machine learning-centered startups by providing tuned mentorship and support.

Machine learning Stories July 11, 2017

Reflecting a continued focus on machine learning, Google has announced a new venture fund specifically aimed at artificial intelligence. Gradient Ventures will focus on providing technical mentorship for early-stage startups focused in the burgeoning field.

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Machine learning Stories May 17, 2017

Google launches site, announces powerful new Google Cloud TPUs

While on stage today at Google I/O 2017, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company’s second generation TPUs (Tensor Processing Units), a cloud-computing system of software and hardware that aid in machine learning workloads.

Machine learning Stories April 11, 2017

Google’s latest A.I. Experiment is not only a fun and clever tech demo, but it also makes for a useful drawing tool. AutoDraw leverages machine learning to replace your scribbles with illustrations from talented artists in order to quickly draw something.

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Machine learning Stories February 23, 2017


Formerly Google Ideas, Jigsaw is an Alphabet company aimed at using technology to “make people in the world safer.” Their latest project uses machine learning to identify toxic online comments and is intended to help foster harassment-free discussions.

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Machine learning Stories February 21, 2017


Machine learning tasks, like image processing, are better suited running on GPUs rather than traditional CPUs. Google is now leveraging that by allowing its Cloud Platform users to attach GPUs to existing virtual machines and workloads.

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Machine learning Stories February 17, 2017


Google uses machine learning in a lot of unique ways, and the company is constantly branching that technology out into new apps and services. This week, Google has released another new service that runs on top of machine learning, ‘AI Duet.’

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Machine learning Stories January 11, 2017


Back in November, Google showed off a machine learning technique that enhances low-res and blurry images. The RAISR technique is now being used in Google+ to display high-resolution photos while using an impressive 75% less bandwidth.

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Machine learning Stories December 20, 2016

Deepmind Logo

After making huge strides with AlphaGo and beginning work on replicating similar victories in StarCraft, Google DeepMind is setting up a new US division (via Bloomberg). Specifically, the first team outside of London will work on more consumer-facing products and on solving “real-world problems at Google-scale.”

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Machine learning Stories December 13, 2016

You will soon be able to play a version of Final Fantasy IV translated entirely with Google Translate

Japan is a thriving country for RPGs (Role-Play Games), but most of them unfortunately remain unaccessible to a lot people due to the language barrier. However, some hardcore enthusiasts don’t give up, and this time one of them offered a rather creative solution…


If it wasn’t clear enough, AI, and more specifically the machine learning sub-branch, is a big deal — and not just for Google. It’s not much of a “next big thing” aimed at supplanting everything that has come before it from above, but rather a more silent revolution branching out from underneath.

And it’s being used everywhere…

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Machine learning Stories November 23, 2016

Google‘s commitment to staying ahead of the game in the field of artificial intelligence is clear, and with the rise of machine learning in particular (whose usefulness has been proven time and time again in a number of applications) the race for talent-hiring is fierce. And today, the company has scored another significant point.

Following the important catch of ex-Snapchat head of research Jia Li last week, the search giant has today secured another spot in the ever-increasing AI-centered competition between tech companies. This time it comes from Twitter

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Machine learning Stories November 18, 2016


The beautiful thing about artificial intelligence is that due to its relatively back-end nature its applications seem to be virtually endless.

Today is music’s lucky day, as sound is the latest area which has undergone Google‘s AI surgery in its recent wave of “experiments”…

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Machine learning Stories November 16, 2016

Source: Getty Images

We don’t need to further emphasize just how important AI and machine learning are for Google. Whether it be in its cloud services or inside of its Assistant-powered devices, like the Pixel phones and Home, we know that there is substantial room for improvement through technology, and the Mountain View firm is all for it.

Now, it seems, it’s low-res and blurry pictures’ turn

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Google Translate is ten years old and in that time, it’s grown quite a bit and gotten increasingly accurate. However, Google made a giant step in improving translations earlier this year through the use of machine learning. Now that project is expanding…

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Machine learning Stories November 15, 2016


The more Google reveals its cards for the future, the more it seems clear that cloud services and AI are going to be two of its absolute cornerstones in the years to come, so much so that the company is looking to unify its disparate teams under a new, singular division, not too dissimilarly from Osterloh’s hardware group put together earlier this year.

Google Cloud‘s chief Diane Greene announced as much today, providing further information on the firm’s roadmap regarding their advancements in cloud services and how AI integrates into that. In particular, it was stressed how machine learning techniques will allow them to provide smarter services over time — like translation, computer vision, and even hiring — to enterprise customers.

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Machine learning Stories November 5, 2016


After conquering the challenging game of Go earlier this year, Google’s DeepMind division is setting its sights on beating StarCraft II. DeepMind is partnering with developer Blizzard to release an open research environment that better allows AIs and machine learning systems to interact with the game.

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Machine learning Stories July 21, 2016


The Play Books app has a special affinity for comic books with a number of features meant to improve the reading experience on mobile devices. Announced as part of Comic-Con, Bubble Zoom uses machine learning to magnify text bubbles in digital comics. Users can test this out now on select Marvel and DC volumes.

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Machine learning Stories July 20, 2016

cloud computing

With Cloud Machine Learning, Google hopes to “take machine learning mainstream” by allowing developers to build “a new class of intelligent applications.” The company is launching two new natural language and speech APIs in open beta today. Additionally, a new Cloud Region will result in users on the North American West Coast seeing less latency in apps and services.

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Machine learning Stories July 6, 2016

Moodstocks - Visual Search for Objects 2016-07-06 09-54-53

If there is one thing we are sure to be part of Google‘s future — both imminent and in its long term plans — it is artificial intelligence, and, in particular, machine learning. We saw it prominently at this year’s I/O back in May, and now the company is making one addition to its portfolio that will only further the company’s ambitions….

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Machine learning Stories June 23, 2016


Google’s machine-learning head, Jeff Dean

A long-form Backchannel post by Steven Levy gives a fascinating insight into Google’s vision of the future of machine-learning. While it’s currently a specialist field, Google believes that one day it will be used by all software engineers no matter what the field, and that it will ‘change humanity.’

Google is starting small. It invites just 18 software engineers a year to join its Machine Learning Ninja Program, where they work alongside expert mentors for six months before going back to apply the approach to their own work. But Google’s machine-learning leader Jeff Dean estimates that around 10% of its 25,000 developers are proficient in the field, and he’d like that number to be 100%.

What’s notable is that all involved, from those in the Ninja program to the company’s key experts in the field, see machine-learning as something transformative …

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Machine learning Stories June 17, 2016


As Apple plays catch up in many ways, the Mountain View company is doubling down on machine learning efforts that will play an important role in future products. Earlier this week, Google launched a dedicated Machine Learning research group in Europe.

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Machine learning Stories June 13, 2016


Over the past few months, Google has rolled out several new features powered by machine learning. Announced at an enterprise event today, Google Springboard allows users to search through Google Apps and acts as a day-to-day work assistant, providing “useful and actionable information and recommendations.” The company also announced a major revamp to Google Sites.

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Machine learning Stories May 19, 2016

Google TPUMachine learning — a branch of Artificial Intelligence that studies pattern recognition and computational learning — is at the core of many of Google‘s products. Everything from voice search to MapsStreet View down to Inbox‘s recently introduced Smart Replies (which are making their way into the just announced Allo) take advantage of machine learning’s incredible capabilities.

However, Google too seems to acknowledge, “great software shines brightest with great hardware underneath”. This is why, over the past several years, the company has worked on a custom ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) named Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), and it is unveiling it today

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Machine learning Stories May 13, 2016


You may remember a little while back it was revealed that Google has been feeding its neural networks steamy romance novels to read. The aim through this exercise was to teach it to produce more human-like responses in order to power its search results and ‘smart reply’ systems.

As well as forcing its neural networks to digest more than 11,000 unpublished books (3,000 of which were romance), Google Brain’s engineers have also been teaching it to relate two unique phrases to each other. As revealed in a Quartz article, the method was fairly straightforward and resulted in some really weird, romantic, dark ‘poetry’.

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Machine learning Stories April 28, 2016


Every year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin write a Founders’ Letter to inform stockholders of recent developments and their vision for the future. For 2016, Page had recently-anointed Google CEO Sundar Pichai write the letter as a majority of ‘bets’ are under his purview. The letter focuses on six main areas.

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Machine learning Stories March 15, 2016


Back when I was in high school, I remember our computer studies teacher telling us that a computer only does what it’s told to do, and so mistakes are not the machine’s, but rather the user’s. With neural networks and machine learning, that is no longer true. AlphaGo, DeepMind’s specialist Go-playing machine, has proved as much. AlphaGo has been programmed to learn from its mistakes, and can err all on its own.

The AI-powered system failed to recover from an error against Lee Sedol in their fourth game, and eventually lost. In the fifth game, however, it made a mistake and was able to win the series in seemingly dramatic fashion.

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