Google’s Material Design language continues its crawl into the nooks and crannies of the Mountain View company’s various web properties today, this time with the Android Open Source Project website. The website has a new, cleaner design that leaves much of the same functionality but makes it easier to access and prettier overall…

The new site has six main navigation buttons at the top of the page, and provides a link to download the Android source — which is why most people would navigate to the site in the first place — a front-and-center Material button labeled “Get Source”.

As Android Police notes, the mobile version of the site has also been given a pretty substantial overhaul. It now has a fully adaptive design and dedicated mobile view, which makes it a lot easier to navigate on your phone or tablet. The site also puts the Security tab at the forefront to reflect Google’s ever-increased focus on Android security.

You can read more about the redesign, appropriately, at the Android Open Source site.

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