With I/O 2017 starting next week, Google has finally updated the official conference app on Android. Convenient for watching livestreams, it is most useful for conference attendees with the ability to reserve seats at sessions.

Now on version 5.0, the app is updated yearly and usually open-sourced by the end of the conference as a how-to for developers. As announced last month, the app also has support for reserving session seats ahead of time.

Design-wise, the app switches to a bottom bar — as is the trend with many of the company’s first party apps. This bar is quite animated with icons growing when selected and shrinking when not. When signed-in with your Google Account, the “My I/O” tab is populated with sessions you have saved.

This view, along with Schedule, notes which sessions will be livestreamed. The Feed tab features “card with relevant info and tips about Google I/O before, throughout, and even after the conference.”

Maps will mostly be used by in-person attendees and marks stages, bathrooms, and other important areas. Users are also able to pinpoint where they are on the map when they’re at Shoreline. The last tab is Info, which lists useful information like the Wi-Fi password, as well as Settings.

I/O 2017 is now available for Android, though its iOS counterpart has yet to be updated.

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