Today we found out that by just installing an APK onto the Samsung Galaxy S8, you could “replace” the preinstalled navigation buttons with another OEM’s design. While this technique doesn’t actually remove Samsung’s keys, it does allow users to make them appear like stock Android’s. Is there a particular company’s navigation buttons that you like most?

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Before this year’s Galaxy S8, Samsung used a mixture of a physical home button with two capacitive touch navigation keys flanking it. With the S8’s taller and almost bezel-less design, Samsung decided to completely switch over to on-screen buttons. Instead of going with the traditional Android keys, though, the company decided to create its own that matches Samsung’s current design language.

The Google Pixel and many other Android OEMs all use a very simplistic design. These includes a triangle, circle, and a square to represent the back, home, and recent applications navigation actions.

So, do you prefer the stock navigation buttons found on the Google Pixel or those found on the Samsung Galaxy S8? If neither, is there another company’s nav buttons that you like more? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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