Google Photos is easily one of the company’s best services and it continues to grow in popularity every day. Now, that popularity is really showing, with Google Photos for Android becoming the latest app to hit over a billion installs.

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As of June 1st, Google Photos for Android hit the one billion install mark, making it the 22nd app to do so. In the past year or so, Photos was preceded by Instagram and Google Drive, with 15 other Google apps being included on the same list.

One billion installs is an incredibly impressive feat for any application, but there are some advantages Photos definitely has. One of those is the fact that Photos has been pre-installed on the majority of Android smartphones for over a year now, making up a huge portion of those installs.

One billion installs is actually a pretty common achievement for apps that are pre-installed, as the list of apps over one billion includes Google Text-To-Speech, Talkback, and even Google+ ─ the latter of which definitely didn’t hit that number without the extra help.

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