Following a major revamp earlier this year, Google is announcing a new partner on Google Earth that adds a new layer to the experience. is now offering up some of its live video feeds directly within Google Earth to view places around the world anytime you’d like.

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As a part of Earth’s Voyager storytelling tool, these new live video feeds give you a look into Katmai National Park in Alaska, an area where users can see brown bears hunting salmon after their several months of hibernation. Currently, five cameras are actively streaming the bears in a few of their fishing spots as well as underwater.

Each summer, salmon swimming up the Brooks River reach a temporary roadblock in their journey: the beautiful Brooks Falls. Having just woken from hibernation, some of Katmai’s brown bears hungrily wait for them . Watch as these hulking bears compete for the best fishing spot in this serene Alaskan oasis.

These cameras in Katmai are only the start of live content in Google Earth. Over time we’ll likely see Google continue working with programs such as to bring more live cameras to the service from around the world. In the meantime, I recommend checking out the “Lower River” camera for some active tracking on the bears.

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