Google Earth Stories Yesterday

Google Maps and Earth are two useful pieces of software for getting around or learning more about our planet, and this week, Google is offering up some details on just what percentage of the planet these two services have mapped.

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Google Earth Stories November 20

In addition to being a fun way to explore the globe, Google Earth has always been big in education. Google is now turning Earth into a platform for storytelling with new creation tools that let you markup the world.

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Google Earth Stories June 20

Google Earth now available for most major web browsers, thanks to WebAssembly

Google Earth has been available on the web for just over two years now, but only for Google Chrome. This is because Google built it using Chrome-only technology. As of today, Google Earth is now available in all major web browsers, including Firefox and the new Microsoft Edge, having been completely rewritten.

Google Earth Stories May 15

Carmen Sandiego returns to Google Earth in Tutankhamum’s Mask Caper

Back in March, Google added a playable Carmen Sandiego game within Google Earth. The very latest episode in the on-going collaboration has been announced and is available to play right now.

Google Earth Stories April 25

Google Earth Timelapse arrives on smartphones, adds two more years of imagery, Material redesign

Launched back in 2013, Google Earth Timelapse has been an interesting way to look at how our planet has changed over the years. Today, an update to the tool has extended support to mobile, added more years, and given the entire thing a redesign with Material theming.

Google Earth Stories March 13

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? She’s in a brand new Google Earth game that you can play

Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego? Well, it appears that we can finally answer that for ourselves as the slippery video game protagonist and Netflix star is now heading to Google Earth in the form of a throwback video game that uses the Google software.

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