Google Earth Stories April 15

In 2016, Google introduced a Timelapse feature to track how any location on Earth has changed over the past few decades. Google Earth is now directly integrating Timelapse for an “interactive 4D experience.” 

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Google Earth Stories March 15

Google Earth has a hidden time-traveling time-lapse mode on Android

Have you ever wanted to see just what the aerial view of a city or location looked like in years past? Well, it looks like Google is working on an experimental time-traveling time-lapse mode within Earth on Android that will overlay historical area data giving you a window to the past.

Google Earth Stories December 14, 2020

The past few years has seen a shift to dark themes on many of the most popular mobile applications all working directly with on-device system themes, the latest being that of Google Earth.

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Google Earth Stories May 13, 2020

In an update to its mobile apps and the web this week, Google Earth is making some major improvements to its search interface to make it better looking and more interactive. Here’s what you need to know.

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Google Earth Stories February 26, 2020

Back in 2017, Google Earth ditched its primary desktop application for a web experience to make the service more widely accessible. Initially limited to Chrome, the exploration tool is now officially supported on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

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Google Earth Stories February 11, 2020

Earth View is a “collection of the most striking landscapes found in Google Earth” that came about from people taking screenshots of the virtual globe for desktop backdrops. Google today added over 1,000 new high-resolution Earth View wallpapers.

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