With several devices running Nougat launching in the past month, Android 7.0 — released nearly a year ago — has finally passed 10% in the July distribution numbers.

Android 7.0 jumped 1.7 percentage points to 10.6%, while 7.1 made an incremental .3 point jump to .9% for a combined 11.5%. Nougat was launched on August 22nd of last year, meaning that it took over 10 months for it to hit double-digits.

Recent weeks have seen a slew of new devices occupying all ranges launch from OnePlus and Lenovo’s Motorola. Given that Moto just announced an event for month’s end, we should see a slew of new flagships relatively soon. Meanwhile, the slow process of upgrading older devices continues.

After remaining stagnant for three months, Marshmallow rose .6 percentage points to 31.8%. Lollipop last month lost the title of most used version of Android to 6.0 and is now at 30.1%.

KitKat is at 17.1%, while Jelly Bean is at 8.1%. Lastly, both Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread fell .1 percentage points to .7% each.

These numbers are compiled from Android devices that accessed the Play Store during a seven-day period ending on July 6th.

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