Okay, so bear with me on this one. We’ve seen some strange stuff on Google’s various services through the years, but today Ron Amadeo of ArsTechnica may have stumbled upon one of the most bizarre. There’s an ad for Google Play Services in Google Play, with a really weird “inspirational” quote…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

There’s just a bit to unpack with this one. First of all, Google Play Services’ Play Store listing is typically hidden from search results. If you search for it on your device right now, you very likely won’t find it at all. That’s why Amadeo said he was surprised to see the app pop up in his search results.¬†Looking closer, though, you’ll notice that Play Services is actually appearing as a Google Play ad.

Somehow, though, that’s not the weirdest thing here. With the ad, a short quote is seen.

Be your own Boss, Dreams

Yeah, we have no words either. This one is just really, really weird, and it’s going to drive me nuts for a while trying to find out what that’s supposed to mean. We weren’t able to replicate this, for what it’s worth, but Ron’s a pretty trustworthy guy and seems to suggest it happened to him first-hand. Odd. Let us know in the comments if you see it, too.

It gets better too. Another device Ron has shows¬†“Business Opportunity!” as the quote. Meanwhile an S6 running Marshmallow says “Legacy, Retirement,”

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