As anyone who has ever spent much time on the internet knows, comment sections are usually filled with people leaving nasty messages that can be both hurtful and offensive. This is particularly the case of YouTube’s comment sections. What’s even worse are the spam comments that try and get people to click links to malicious websites. Thankfully, YouTube has now made it easier for creators to automatically block those types of comments…

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When a creator turns on this new link blocking tool, every comment that includes any type of link will automatically get sent to the user’s “Held for Review” section. From here, the YouTuber can either approve the comment, report it as spam, or just simply hide it.

Follow the instructions below provided by YouTube’s Help Forum to enable the automatic link blocking in the comments section:

  1. Go to your Creator Studio

  2. Go to your channel’s Community settings by selecting Community > Community settings in the left menu

  3. Go to Block Links and check the box to automatically hold new comments with URLs for review

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

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