The Essential Phone saw a few issues at launch, but one that caught many off-guard was an issue with Verizon Wireless. At launch, the device still wasn’t certified for use on the network, but now that issue has been resolved.

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Essential founder Andy Rubin announced on Twitter yesterday that the Essential Phone had officially been certified for use on Verizon Wireless. What does that mean for Essential users? In all honesty, not a ton. The phone has all the proper bands for support of Verizon’s network, and many users including myself have been using the device on Verizon.

Really, all this certification means is that Verizon has confirmed full support for the phone and can give it more reliable support. It also means that if someone buys an unlocked Essential Phone and tries to open a new Verizon account, they won’t see any major issues. This certification also opens the door for WiFi calling and Advanced LTE with Verizon.

To see any effects from this certification, users can simply reboot the phone to apply the changes.

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