Last month, YouTube received a massive redesign across all platforms that introduced a new icon and various interface tweaks across its apps. YouTube TV is now one of the last products to be updated to match this new branding.

A small update to the Android and iOS apps, as well as the website, this morning revealed a new icon that is simpler than its predecessor. The original logo was more intricate with shadows contributing to a layered effect and appearance.

This new logo’s television screen is composed of much simpler and flatter shapes. The TV stand part of the icon is disjointed, while the white dot power button has been removed. Color-wise, it adopts the brighter red and gets rid of the various shades from the original logo.

The splash page on Android also has a new snazzy launch animation that happens to remove the YouTube TV logo from the bottom.

Meanwhile, the logo in the action bar adopts the new YouTube logo with “TV” displayed in the brand’s new taller and bolder font. These changes are also visible in YouTube TV web app and rolled out as of version 1.08.5 on Android.¬†Version¬†1.08.9 on iOS also adds “double-tap to seek forward or backward 10 seconds” according to its changelog.

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