Google Assistant on headphones was officially announced last week and launched alongside the Bose QC35 II. While we were able to figure out and layout all of the headphone’s features in our hands-on and full review of the product, Google’s online support documents were a little scarce.

Fortunately, for those who haven’t bought the Bose headphones yet or are waiting for a different model to come to the market, Google has now uploaded three instructional videos to help you get started…

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The first video, which is embedded below, runs through some of Google Assistant’s different functionality. Specifically, this video helps users get started by directing them to ask to listen to music, skip to the next track, send text messages, and check calendar events. All of these actions are just a button press away.

The second video is a brief overview of subjects discussed in the first and third video. This includes information on notifications, asking queries, and playing music.

And lastly, the third video is dedicated to instructing users on Assistant’s ability to interact with notifications. The first of which is the ability to single-press the Assistant activation button and have the headphones tell you the time and a brief overview of any notifications on your phone. You can watch the entirety of the video to learn more.

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