This afternoon multiple Project Fi users took to Twitter to complain that they had received a notification from Project Fi that the carrier would begin throttling their data due to “excessive data usage.” Project Fi was quick to reply to each user and apologize for the mistake. Now the carrier has taken to Reddit to give an official explanation…

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In Project Fi’s Reddit post, an unnamed community manager gave this brief apology and explanation:

Some of you may have received a notification earlier this afternoon regarding data management. Rest assured that this was a mistake, and your service will return to normal shortly.

We’re experimenting with options for users to opt in to throttle their data in certain situations. We’ve heard from many of you that it would be helpful to have greater control over data costs, so we’re looking into adding more options to do this. You can continue to use your data as planned, and as always we’ll give you choice and transparency in your plan.

As many know, Project Fi is a cellular carrier that piggybacks on several larger mobile carriers and provides data to users on a per gigabyte basis. Because of this, users never get throttled and just end up paying $10 for each additional gig that they use.

As the statement implies, Project Fi is working on a way to give users more control over their data. While the service is one of the best at breaking down data usage, giving users the ability to throttle their own data speeds might be perfect for those wishing to stop excessive data use, especially by kids/teenagers on the plan.

Unfortunately, if you are a Project Fi user and received the notification, there’s a chance that your SIM card has been temporarily disabled. Thankfully, as a quick fix, you can enter (* # * # 34777 # * # *) into the dialer and it should switch you to Sprint until a fix has fully been rolled out.

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