There are a lot of new things packed into the Google Pixel 2 in terms of software from a dark theme to a new power menu and much more. There are also some new changes when it comes to headphones, and one of those is the ability to see the battery percentage of connected wireless headphones.

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This is one of the mind-boggling things that Android has mostly lacked for ages, despite most headphones and devices being capable of showing that information. It was discovered ahead of launch that the Pixel 2 on Oreo would have the ability to show this, but we were unsure what it would look like.

Earlier today while listening to Spotify on my Pixel 2 over a connected pair of Jaybird Freedom headphones, I noticed that the battery percentage was displayed in the quick settings menu. I didn’t quite register this feature at first, but as it turns out, that’s brand new on the Google’s latest devices.

It’s a subtle way to show this information, but it works pretty well without cluttering the status bar at all. You’ll be able to see the percentage of your connected headphones, depending on the model, through the quick settings Bluetooth toggle, and the full settings menu itself. This won’t work forĀ all Bluetooth headphones, but popular options like those from Jaybird, Bose, and the like should work without a problem. Anything in the “Made for Google” collection should work as well.

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