Livestreams are a big deal right now, and between social media, Twitch, and YouTube, there are a lot of ways to go live. Now, it appears YouTube is offering an extra feature for those doing mobile live streams on the platform.

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YouTube added the ability to livestream from your phone over the past few months, and now on Android, it’s enhancing that with the ability to schedule them in advance. Android Police first spotted this new feature on one of their devices, and it’s a pretty self-explanatory feature.

In short, you get the option to set a date and time for your livestream from your device, whether that’s 30 minutes or 2 days in advance. Once the time comes, you’ll be able to start that livestream with your subscribers already well aware of when it’s happening. Again, it’s a pretty simple feature, but one that’s undoubtedly going to be handy for content creators.

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