Google Home and Google Assistant are awesome ways to control your smart home, but picking products that work with it was a pain at launch. Thankfully, the list has expanded greatly over time, and now Google has a page dedicated to showing you what works with Home.

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On Google’s support pages, the company now has a list of all 150+ brands which currently have products that support Google Home/Assistant and its home control feature. The list is ever-growing, so it’d probably be a good idea to keep tabs on that list over time as well.

Most of us are well aware of the bigger brands that work with Home, such as Nest, Hue, IFTTT, and more. This list, though, might reveal quite a few you didn’t know. Google lets you filter and search through the list based on brand or type of smart home devices, such as lights, plugs, locks, and more.

You can view the full list over on Google’sĀ support page.

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