smart home Stories June 25

Smart home technology is being used to inflict new forms of domestic abuse on partners and former partners. Example include everything from video surveillance through cameras to blasting out loud music through smart speakers and turning up thermostat temperatures to oppressive levels …

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smart home Stories May 3

When it first launched, one of Google Assistant’s biggest weak points was the number of smart home devices and services it could connect to. While there are still a few services we wish it could integrate, Google has done a lot to round out the smart home functionality, now working with 5,000 different devices.

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smart home Stories January 3

Beta test will see high-end Roomba models hunting down Wi-Fi dead zones and weak spots

A beta test will see top-tier Roomba models adding to their duties as they wander around your home. In addition to the cleaning, they will also be mapping the strength of the Wi-Fi signals, looking for dead zones and weak-spots …

smart home Stories November 2, 2017

Here’s a list of every smart home device that works with Google Home and Assistant

Google Home and Google Assistant are awesome ways to control your smart home, but picking products that work with it was a pain at launch. Thankfully, the list has expanded greatly over time, and now Google has a page dedicated to showing you what works with Home.

smart home Stories October 26, 2017

One of the key decisions you need to make when adding smart lighting to a home is whether to have the smarts in the switches or the bulbs. Switches tend to be the easier option if you have non-techies in the home, while bulbs offer more flexibility.

A new smart switch system called Noon Home aims to offer the best of both worlds …

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smart home Stories July 14, 2017

D-Link’s smart plugs are now supported by Google Home/Google Assistant

Smart plugs are one of my favorite types of smart home accessories, but there are dozens of great options out there and quite a lot of them aren’t supported by Google Assistant yet. Today, though, one of the more popular brands offering smart plugs is getting Assistant support — D-Link.

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