Chrome is the favorite browser of, well, just about everyone. It’s a great option for browsing the web in just about any situation, but for obvious reasons, Microsoft pushes its Edge browser on Windows. In a recent live demonstration, Microsoft was showing off some new Azure features, and when Edge crashed, Chrome came to the rescue.

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As spotted by the guys at ChromeUnboxed, Microsoft had a bit of a hiccup last month at its “Emerge” conference. While giving a live presentation in front of thousands of attendees regarding migrating apps and data to Microsoft’s Azure program, Edge started acting up.

While the program didn’t fully crash, it wouldn’t move to the screens necessary for the presentation. Around the 37 minute mark, the presenter decided not to wait on Edge to start working again, he just hilariously went and downloaded Google Chrome.

Within a few seconds, the presenter had Chrome downloaded, installed, and launched Google’s browser. Once logged back into Azure’s services, everything immediately started working properly.

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