Microsoft Edge Stories March 9

Microsoft used to be mocked in the browser game, but recently the company switched its Edge browser over to Chromium. There are a lot of advantages to that, but Google is now warning Microsoft Edge users against installing Chrome extensions on the browser.

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Microsoft Edge Stories February 26

For years now, one of Google Chrome’s most-loved Easter eggs has been the offline Dino game, something that’s even spawned real-life figures. As Microsoft builds out its Chromium-based Edge browser as a Chrome competitor, it’s also showing off a Surf game that looks like a lot more fun.

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Microsoft rolling out its new Chromium-based Edge via Windows 10 Insider update

Microsoft’s new Edge is based on Chromium and gives Google Chrome a run for its money in a few ways. Now Microsoft is starting to replace the old Edge with the new via Windows 10’s update system.

Microsoft Edge Stories February 24

Google and Microsoft have a bit of a complicated relationship. Sometimes, the two companies collaborate for the better. Other times, they use questionable tactics to try and steal users of each other’s products. In the latest example of the latter, Google is pushing users of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser over to Chrome by using most of its online services.

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Microsoft Edge Stories January 28

Google Chrome has been one of the most popular browsers for a long time now and recently, Microsoft updated its Edge browser to run on the same Chromium base. In an act of collaboration between the two companies, Google Chrome is preparing to take on a handy tab management feature from Edge.

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Microsoft Edge Stories January 15

Microsoft Edge, the web browser that replaced Internet Explorer with the release of Windows 10, has been given a dramatic overhaul in the last year or so to be rebuilt on the same Chromium source code that Google Chrome is based on. Today, the new version of Microsoft Edge, based on Google’s Chromium, has been officially launched on Windows and macOS.

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