Microsoft Edge Stories May 19

Microsoft is killing Internet Explorer for good next year in favor of Edge

After more than 25 years on the market, Microsoft is finally saying goodbye to Internet Explorer for good. In June 2022, the browser will officially be shut down in favor of the well-received, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Stories May 17

Microsoft Edge update addresses crashing issues when streaming videos from YouTube

While it’s far from taking the crown from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge has exploded in popularity since switching to a Chromium base. This week, an update for Microsoft Edge is addressing an issue with one of the world’s most popular websites, YouTube.

Microsoft Edge Stories April 19

After Google started rolling out FLoC to some Chrome users as a replacement for third-party cookies, the technology has become rather controversial. Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox have confirmed they don’t have immediate plans to adopt FLoC.

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After switching to Chromium, Microsoft Edge exploded in popularity and quickly became the second-most popular desktop browser, and now, it just continues to add useful features to tempt away Chrome users. The latest addition coming to Microsoft Edge is “performance mode.”

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Microsoft Edge Stories April 15

Microsoft Edge quickly skyrocketed to the second-most popular desktop browser after switching to Chromium, the same engine that powers Google Chrome. Since its debut, Microsoft Edge has added lots of useful new features including, today, the debut of a Kids Mode with parental controls.

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Microsoft Edge Stories March 12

Starting this September, updates to Microsoft Edge are set to speed up. Following in the footsteps of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge will adopt a new update schedule that drops updates every four weeks.

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