HTC isn’t exactly in the best position right now, but with killer releases such as the HTC U11 family and the company’s work with Google, things are looking up. Speaking to the media (via Engadget), the company recently confirmed that it would be releasing up to 6 phones in 2018, including one with a dual-camera system.

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Dual cameras have been taking the mobile world by storm with everything from expensive flagships to low-end devices packing the feature. Everyone uses it a little differently, but as we’ve seen in Google’s Pixel 2, that doesn’t really mean you’re getting a better camera.

HTC is no stranger to this technology, in fact, it was one of the first to adopt it years ago, most notably on the HTC One M8. Speaking to the media, HTC president Chialin Chang confirmed that the company would be debuting a device will a dual-camera system in 2018, but that they still “need to figure out how to make this feature stand out.”

The HTC U11 already has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market today, so if they are to add a second sensor, it should certainly have a noteworthy reason. Hopefully, HTC doesn’t go for a gimmicky depth-sensing setup or monochrome sensor like so many competitors have done.

Chang further confirmed that HTC has several devices in the pipeline for 2018. He says that five to six devices will be hitting the market, all under HTC’s brand directly. What’s interesting to note is that HTC will be doing this without the 2,000 or so employees Google acquired from the company, as that deal is on track to close in 2018.

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