Google has slowly been updating its various desktop services to adopt its Material Design standard and flow better with mobile designs. Now, Google is bringing that to Flights.

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Google Flights is a very convenient tool for tracking and comparing prices online, but its UI hasn’t really changed much over the years on the desktop. The mobile UI was refreshed earlier this year, even adding more tools to the service. Now, those changes are coming to the desktop, and you can try them now.

As Android Police points out, Google Flights currently has a publicly available “beta” version that packs a brand new UI that is full of Material Design.

The basic functionality is the same, with options to select your departing airport and destination, as well as punching in the dates of your trip. Once you search, you’ll be presented with a fresh look for your flight options, as well as more obvious tools for cost savings based on the date of your flight, as well as graphs to show projected prices, and nearby airports.

The new look is live now at, and will be rolling out as the standard version of this tool eventually.

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