The latest version of Google Photos is rolling out this morning with a new search filter to easily find Motion Photos taken by a Pixel 2 or other compatible device. Meanwhile, additional notification settings let users control whether or not they receive promotional alerts.

Introduced with the Pixel 2 in October, Motion Photos “capture a few seconds of video around the shot so you can relive the moment around the picture.” At the moment, this new format is exclusive to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but will also be used by Google Clips next month.

Previously, Motion Photos were identified by an icon in the top-right corner after opening an image, with no unified way to view them all. In version 3.13, Google is making it easier to find them with a new “Motion Photos” search filter.

To find the new category, tap the search bar and navigate to the list of various content types. At the bottom, after the update, there is a new “Motion Photos” category that will show all images of that format in a regular grid view.

In the past, manually searching “Motion Photos” would just surface GIFs that Photos created. Now, only Motion Photos appear, with the search filter also available on non-Pixel devices. Meanwhile, this new content category is also live on the Photos web app.

This update also adds more granular notification controls. Namely, users can now enable/disable “Suggested photo books,” “Photo books drafts,” and “Printing promotions.” The latter will be especially useful given how Photos has a tendency to advertise its built-in printing services.

Version 3.13 of Google Photos is rolling out now via the Play Store.

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