In case you missed it, Google recently made a change as result of a lawsuit that removed the convenient “view image” button from search results. Now, just a day later, there’s already a Chrome extension that brings it back.

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Google and Getty Images recently reached a deal, allowing Google to place Getty Images into its search results. However, a contingency of that deal was that Google would need to make some big changes to image search results.

Now, the “view image” button which previously appeared alongside images in search has been removed. Previously, that button would open the source image without the surrounding webpages to give users easy access to downloading that image, which often led to piracy.

It’s unfortunate to see that button gone, but an easy to use Chrome extension brings it back. Simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and then any time you view an image on Google Image Search, you’ll be able to open that source image. You can see the functionality in action in the video below.

The only difference we can see with this extension versus the original functionality is that instead of opening the image on the same page, it opens it in a new tab. The extension is free, and it will work with Chrome for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or anywhere else the full version of Chrome can be used.

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