Each year, Samsung releases a new rendition of its ‘Over the Horizon’ song for its latest flagship phones. This year’s version, which was made to be a ringtone on Galaxy S9 devices, was composed by Icelandic composer Pétur Jónsson…

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Here is how Samsung describes this year’s arrangement:

Delicately layering instruments, Jónsson’s minimalist arrangement takes you away on an atmospheric journey of discovery. The piece begins with the soft tones of a single piano playing the refrain. As additional instruments are gradually introduced, the sound rises to a crescendo before melting away. As the video cuts away from the opening scene of Jónsson at the piano, it prompts you to imagine travelling over the remote Icelandic countryside. Capturing the beauty of Nordic nature, the camera pans over misty mountains and jagged cliffs, steaming geysers and snow-blanketed hills.

You can give the 2018 version of ‘Over the Horizon’ made for the Galaxy S9 a listen by watching the below video. You can expect to hear it on repeat during Samsung’s MWC announcement later this month.

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