There are a lot of really good changes in Android P that are minimal, but sometimes, those are the best ones. As we continue digging through Google’s latest update, we’ve discovered that there’s a new “text zoom” tool available…

The best gifts for Android users

If you’ve ever used an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with iOS’ cursor which pops up a “magnifying glass” above the text you’re navigating through. It’s a handy little tool that many miss on former versions of Android, and now it’s finally been added.

The functionality here is basically identical to iOS. Once your text cursor is active, scrolling to the left or the right triggers the “text zoom” tool above your text, highlighting what is below your finger. While there are some bugs, like the fact it doesn’t always show up, it’s great to see Google finally adding this much-requested feature.

We’re still digging through Android P to show you everything that’s new. If you want to give it a try yourself, we’ve got a handy tutorial detailing how to install it.

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