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Android 9 Pie Stories April 15, 2020

Xiaomi’s Mi Box S is one of the best Android TV devices thanks to its price, and now it’s getting an important update. Android TV Pie is rolling out to the Xiaomi Mi Box S, and it brings Amazon Prime Video with it.

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Android 9 Pie Stories November 4, 2019

One of the most affordable ways to get Android TV in your living room is with the affordable Xiaomi Mi Box S. Now, that device is getting a pretty huge update. Xiaomi appears to be rolling out a beta update to some Mi Box S users which brings the Amazon Prime Video app.

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Android 9 Pie Stories October 23, 2019

Last October, Google stoped providing Android distribution numbers on a consistent monthly basis. The last update was during I/O 2019 in May. Ahead of the 2019 Android Dev Summit, Google today shared a new stat that highlights Project Treble’s successful impact on Android updates.

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Android 9 Pie Stories August 23, 2019

OnePlus TV specs seemingly revealed with Android 9 Pie on board

Now that the OnePlus TV has been certified for Google Play and confirmed to use Android TV, we’re just waiting on the official reveal to confirm the rest of the details. Today, though, a listing for the OnePlus TV has confirmed some of its specs, including the processor and version of Android on board.

Android 9 Pie Stories August 22, 2019

[Update: Rolling out in US] HTC U11, U11+ and U12+ will get Android Pie by Q2 2019

HTC feels very much like a forgotten smartphone manufacturer. That said, the Taiwanese brand has confirmed that it hasn’t forgotten about three of its handsets with regard to software updates. The company confirmed on Twitter that the HTC U11, U11+ and U12+ will get Android Pie by Q2 2019.

Android 9 Pie Stories August 19, 2019

[Update: Available, but OTA paused] Original Razer Phone gets Android Pie in the ‘coming weeks’

Due to a lack of updates, the original Razer Phone looked all but abandoned with its second-gen on the market. Thankfully, though, Razer has confirmed that the original 2017 Razer Phone will be getting Android Pie in the next several weeks.

Android 9 Pie Stories August 5, 2019

Before Android Q launches sometime this quarter, Pixel devices are receiving at least one more 9.0 Pie update alongside the August security patch. It contains the usual bug fixes, with factory images and OTAs now available.

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Android 9 Pie Stories July 31, 2019

Nvidia this morning announced Android 9 Pie for the Nvidia Shield TV. Rumored for the past week, the Android TV box is getting the latest version with Shield Experience Upgrade 8.0. Notable highlights include a redesigned Settings menu and many improvements for third-party apps.

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[Update: 2015 model too] Android Pie for Nvidia Shield TV teased by Developer Console

Google’s Android TV platform is often well behind the pack when it comes to software updates. Most of the ecosystem is still on Android Oreo, but its most popular set-top box, the Nvidia Shield TV, has been hinted to potentially get Android Pie sometime soon.

Android 9 Pie Stories July 10, 2019

[Update: Now on T-Mobile] LG G7 ThinQ receiving long-awaited Android Pie update

Despite being part of the Android One program in some regions, the LG G7 ThinQ hasn’t had quite as much love as it should have in the software stakes. The device is still stuck on Android Oreo but that is about to change as the long-overdue Android Pie update for the LG G7 ThinQ is now rolling out (via Reddit).

Android 9 Pie Stories July 1, 2019

The July security patch is widely rolling out today following some Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL units receiving a Googler-only OTA two weeks ago. It features the usual collection of bug fixes, with factory images and OTAs now available.

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Android 9 Pie Stories June 19, 2019

While the July security patch is still two weeks away, some Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL owners this morning have reported receiving the update. Devices appear to have accidentally been included in a Googler-only internal OTA.

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Android 9 Pie Stories June 3, 2019

Apple at WWDC 2019 announced the next major version of its mobile operating system with iOS 13. But before that, Tim Cook took the opportunity to deliver Apple’s usual critique at the Android update situation.

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The June security patch marks the first update for the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL that launched at I/O 2019 in May with a March build of Android 9 Pie. Rolling out today, there are also four functional updates for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

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Nokia teases new device for June 6th event, brings Android Pie to Nokia 3

Since its revival in 2017, Nokia’s name in smartphones has seen tremendous growth and quite a few solid devices. Today, Nokia has released Android Pie for the original Nokia 3, and the company is also teasing another launch event for later this week.

Android 9 Pie Stories May 28, 2019

[Update: OTA pulled due to device bricking issues] HTC U11 receiving long-awaited Android Pie update, but only in some regions

For years we have lamented the speed or lack of effort on HTC’s part to update their device lineups. Although a recent update from the company gave us some insight into their update schedule, we are still awaiting across the board updates. That said, it seems the Android Pie rollout for the HTC U11 is now underway.

Android 9 Pie Stories May 24, 2019

LG V40 ThinQ gets Android Pie in the US, only second update from the company

Android Pie has expectedly had a slow rollout, but some companies are slower than others. LG has been working on Android Pie upgrades in recent weeks, and today the company has started rolling out its second Pie upgrade to the LG V40 ThinQ in the US… on Verizon.

Android 9 Pie Stories May 22, 2019

While Android Q is just a couple of short months from being publicly available, but Android Pie is still making its way to plenty of devices. Today, OnePlus is rolling out Android Pie to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T after a few months of beta testing.

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Android 9 Pie Stories May 15, 2019

Galaxy Tab S4 now getting wider Android Pie rollout, Galaxy S7 may get May security patch

While we have already seen LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 get some Android Pie action in select regions, the update is now finally arriving across the board in a wider rollout.

Android 9 Pie Stories May 13, 2019

HTC U11, U12+ will get Android Pie updates starting this month

Android Pie has been out since August of 2018, but it’s still only on a fraction of devices. Some OEMs are being slow about pushing the update out to devices, and HTC is a pretty huge offender here. Recently, however, the company confirmed Android Pie updates for the HTC U11 family and the U12+.

Android 9 Pie Stories May 7, 2019

[Update: Fixed in Android Q Beta 3] Pixel’s Marvelous Marble live wallpaper not displaying real-time weather

Wallpaper, like sound, is an important part of the Pixel experience and every year Google crafts new backgrounds. The Pixel 2 last year introduced one called “Marvelous Marble” that depicts live conditions on Earth. However, a months-long bug has prevented the live wallpaper from showing real-time weather.

For months now, Google hasn’t been updating the distribution numbers for Android as it has monthly for ages. There’s been speculation regarding the outage, but at Google I/O 2019 today, the company finally provided an update – Android Pie has seen 10% adoption much quicker than previous Android versions.

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Android 9 Pie Stories May 6, 2019

Ahead of I/O 2019 and the next Android Q Beta, the May security patch is now rolling out to Pixel phones. There are no functional updates for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL this month.

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Android 9 Pie Stories April 25, 2019

For years, Google published monthly data on Android’s version distribution. How many Android phones in the world were running an Android version that was released many, many years ago? The answer was often “lots of them,” and this distribution dashboard was where you would go to find that information. Half a year later, is that publicly-available stream of data done for?…

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Android 9 Pie Stories April 24, 2019

LG V35 ThinQ gets the company’s first actual Android Pie update, only in Korea for now

LG has been painfully slow to updates recently, not updating a single one of its devices to Android Pie. That is, up until now. This week, LG has finally kicked off the Android Pie update for the LG V35 ThinQ.

Android 9 Pie Stories April 17, 2019

Nearly a year ago to the day, LG announced that it was opening an “industry-first” Software Upgrade Center in an effort to provide better support for its devices over time. With time passed, we can look back at that project and see what a laughable failure it has been, especially looking at Android Pie.

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Android 9 Pie Stories April 14, 2019

Google releases ‘WifiRttScan App’ for testing 802.11mc indoor positioning

Android 9 Pie introduced support for indoor positioning by leveraging 802.11mc. Wi-Fi Round Trip Time (RTT) allows the system and apps to “measure the distance to nearby RTT-capable Wi-Fi access points.” Google this week published a “WifiRttScan App” for developers through the Play Store.

Android 9 Pie Stories April 1, 2019

Following last month’s update with functional updates for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the April security patch is now rolling out to Pixel phones. The latest Made by Google devices continue to see Bluetooth and AOD-related improvements.

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Android 9 Pie Stories March 26, 2019

Google’s original Pixel gets a speed test to show how four Android versions affect performance

It came as a surprise earlier this month when Google revealed that it would be providing an official update to Android Q for the original Pixel phones. Now, a speed test has hit YouTube to show how all of these updates affect the aging device.

Android 9 Pie Stories March 12, 2019

Android Pie now rolling out to Verizon and Unlocked US Galaxy Note 9 devices

Samsung has really ramped up the speed of their updates during the first quarter of 2019, but two notable absentees were the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note 9 and the unlocked US variants. Well, now the Verizon Galaxy Note 9 finally has Android Pie ready to download alongside the unlocked US model.

Android 9 Pie Stories March 4, 2019

The March security patch is rolling out today with the usual vulnerability fixes, but also addresses a number of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL issues. Notably, this functional update should improve camera and storage performance, as well as Bluetooth reliability.

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Following last month’s update with tweaks to the About menu and coinciding with the ability to schedule update restarts, the March security patch is now rolling out to Pixel devices. In addition to vulnerability fixes, this version makes several improvements to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie OTA rolling out now

If you are on the T-Mobile network, the long wait for a taste of Android Pie on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should hopefully be over. The One UI update is now rolling out to T-Mobile locked Galaxy Note 9 devices right now.

Android 9 Pie Stories March 1, 2019

Android Pie approved for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9, rolling out soon, Huawei Mate 10 Pro updated

Android Pie’s rollout has been slow, but as the third month of 2019 kicks off, we’re seeing more and more devices get the latest version of Android. To close out this week, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is finally getting Android Pie on T-Mobile, while the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is getting the update too.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 28, 2019

Android Pie now rolling out to unlocked Razer Phone 2 w/ Google’s Digital Wellbeing

The Razer Phone 2 first debuted last October, shortly after Android Pie first started hitting devices such as Google’s Pixel. That left the device a step behind, but now the update is officially kicking off its rollout to unlocked models.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 24, 2019

Sony’s latest flagship Android device is the Xperia 1 with its tall 21:9 4K HDR screen and triple lens camera system. The MWC 2019 phone draws inspiration from several Sony products and divisions, including Bravia televisions and the Alpha camera line.

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The Xperia 1 is Sony’s flagship device of MWC 2019, but the phone maker is also bringing the marquee aspect down to the mid-range. The Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus feature tall 21:9 displays as well as dual-camera systems.

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After debuting its mid-range lineup earlier this week, LG is announcing its flagship devices for the year at MWC 2019. The LG G8 ThinQ is the latest phone in the G-line with a pretty standard design, but notable hardware features like a ToF front-facing camera and a front-display speaker.

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South Korean tech giant LG unveiled two brand new handsets at a dedicated launch event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The first being the LG V50 ThinQ.  expand full story

Android 9 Pie Stories February 22, 2019

Sony Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra get Android Pie, but the update is bricking some units

Sony is usually one of the few Android OEMs that’s not far behind with new updates, and the company has been rolling out Pie for quite some time. This week, that update is making its way to the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra, but be forewarned, Android Pie is bricking some devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ stable Android Pie update now rolling in Northern Europe

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are getting the full stable release of Android Pie and all that One UI brings with it. The update appears to be rolling out in stages with reports via Reddit that much of Northern Europe has begun seeing the OTA appear.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 21, 2019

Back in 2017, Google set out to improve Android apps by mandating they target a certain API level and take advantage of the newest platform features. With new and updated applications all targeting Android 8.0 as of November, Google is detailing the Pie support requirement set for later this year.

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Android 9 Pie Stories February 19, 2019

Android 9 Pie’s rollout was pretty slow for a while, but as 2019 goes on it’s finally picking up some steam. Next week, Razer will be added to the list of OEMs with updates available, and we’ve gotten a sneak peek of Android Pie on the Razer Phone 2. Here’s what to expect, and when it’ll hit your device.

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Android 9 Pie Stories February 15, 2019

Galaxy S8 and S8+ now receiving fourth Android Pie beta update

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are getting a fourth Android Pie beta update, which is rolling out right now.

[Update: Further markets] Galaxy Note 8 full Android Pie update now rolling out in Eastern Europe

We’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 get four separate Android Pie beta programs prior to this point. Now, unlocked Note 8 users in Eastern Europe are seeing the full One UI OTA hit their devices.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 12, 2019

Android Pie ‘Report Card’ sees Pixel leading the pack, major improvement from Samsung, ‘F’s from rest of the class

Getting the latest Android update is still a struggle on pretty much any phone, unless it’s a Pixel or Essential device. This past week, a yearly “report card” has gone up to take a closer look at how Android OEMs are doing with Android Pie upgrades, and the results are both encouraging, and disappointing.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 11, 2019

[Update: Rolling out again] Galaxy S9 and S9+ update for T-Mobile also brings with it RCS messaging compatibility

The latest carrier-locked Samsung device is now receiving the latest Android OS update with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now seeing the Android Pie update rollout.

Android 9 Pie Stories February 7, 2019

While Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday, Google has turned the event into a week-long affair of new features and tools. Today, it is focusing on Android with Adiantum to bring encryption to low-powered devices like entry-level phones and other smart devices that don’t run on processors optimized for AES.

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