The YouTube Android client has received a number of new features in recent weeks, including a dynamic video player and coming soon a dark theme. Google has also been A/B testing several others, with the latest being a richer notification.

At the moment, subscription notifications when truncated include the video’s title, as well as the channel name and profile icon. By expanding, users gain access to a thumbnail and shortcuts to play, turn off, and watch later.

This new design that’s being tested for the YouTube app applies to compacted notifications. The channel icon is replaced by a full-height and width thumbnail at the right of the alert. It’s rather useful and helps videos really standout in the notification shade, but comes at the slight expense of how much of the title can be displayed before being cut off.

Meanwhile, the expanded view remains unchanged with this new design.¬†We’ve only received this on one device running version 13.10.57 of YouTube for Android thus far.

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